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Oregon State fan proves laughable at Civil War

Foreshadowing the Beat Down

The Civil War is one of the oldest and bitterest rivalry in all of college football. It pits the Oregon Ducks against the Oregon State Beavers, programs that are located just 45 minutes apart from one another along the I-5 corridor.

In recent years this game has been elevated to the status of being one of the deciding games in the Pac-12 and college football. While 2010 and 2011 were down years for the Beavers, all Civil Wars in recent memory have played a significant picture in either the Pac-10/12 or the National Championship race.

This year was no different. Though the Ducks were coming off of a heartbreaking loss to Stanford (a loss that realistically put them out of the BCS National Championship picture), Oregon was still hoping for a berth to their fourth consecutive BCS Bowl game while the Beavers were looking to cap off a huge 2012 college football season and finish ahead of the Ducks in the Pac-12 Standings since 2007.

Well, as is evidenced by the final score of 48-24 in favor of the Ducks, the Beavers would once again submit to their older brother’s from the South.

And while the actual game was laughable to watch at times if you were rooting for the Ducks, the funniest moment (and most embarrassing) came for one Oregon State fan who attempted to taunt the Ducks as they prepared to enter Reeser Stadium.

The video, which is now going viral on Youtube, has drawn much attention from the sports world for being one of the more humorous videos of fans attempting to taunt players.

Civil War

This clip reminds all of us Duck fans just how humorous our little brothers to the North can be at times.

First off, the guy must be making a fortune now for the way he endorses Natty light; go figure that is probably one of the few words in his Duck taunting dictionary. Yes, the Ducks are not going to the BCS National Championship this year and it was rather disappointing when they lost to the Cardinal. However, when they were still ranked as the 5th best team in the nation AND were priming themselves for their fourth consecutive BCS Bowl game, something this drunk fan forgot to mention.

Second, as all fans like to think, this guy believed the Beavers had a shot at stopping the Ducks as he asserted that the Oregon players would be headed to the Holiday Bowl, the third best bowl available for Pac-12 teams should only one qualify for a BCS Bowl Game. Unfortunately for this middle-aged modern-day Socrates the Ducks thrashed the Beavers for the fifth straight year.

The best part of this video came at the start when Kiko Alonso,one of the most talented linebackers in the nation and hardest hitters, decided to respond to this Oregon State fans’ taunts by asking him what bowl they were going to. The Oregon State fan, prided in the fact that a player was actually responding to him, could must no response but to try and demean the Ducks by shouting they would be heading to the Holiday Bowl.

During the entire confrontation you can see a smile on Alonso’s face as he prepared himself for yet another beat down of the lowly Beavers.

This clip reminds all of us Duck fans just how humorous our little brothers to the North can be at times. Then again, who can blame him for getting that drunk? It was probably the only way he could stand watching the Ducks trample the Beavers once again.

At the end of it all this video is hilarious because of the way the Beaver shouts the same thing over and over again, tries to push up against Kiko Alonso, and because of the fact that the Ducks will be playing in the Fiesta Bowl while the Beavers head to the Alamo Bowl.

Stay classy, Oregon State.

Check out the video:


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