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Sneak Peek! New Oregon Ducks uniforms set to be unveiled

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Four years have passed since the Ducks debuted their latest uniform combination that was headlined by feathers adorning the shoulderpads of all the players.

Received with mixed reviews, this uniform set incorporated an all-black look and introduced a new color: grey. All in all, the Ducks worked with around five “essential” uniform colors that were mixed and matched to create an added surprise come game time.

That being said, Oregon still found ways to throw another wrinkle into the system when it came to their uniforms.

Oregon’s Rose Bowl uniforms were the best indication of what the Ducks will wear in 2012 until yesterday.

A Neon Wrinkle

In the 2011 BCS National Championship Game against the Auburn Tigers, the Ducks debuted a neon accent to their uniforms that was once again the talk of the nation. Though the team would go on to lose on a last second field goal, the uniforms made the Ducks look like a blur across the field whenever they touched the ball.

Building off their road neon accented uniforms, Oregon came out with an intimidating all black look for their big game to start the season off against the LSU Tigers. While Oregon would lose this game as well, many raved about the changes Oregon had made to their prior all-black appearance.

The Ducks added more accent around the collar, changed the accent color around the numbers to a neon yellow/green, and changed the style of the feathers on the shoulderpads; all of this amounted to an intimidating look that had many people around the nation begging for more.

Oregon continued to surprise fans throughout the rest of the season with different looks they gave their fans.

They featured a “Fighting Ducks” uniform that had The Duck (not Puddles) located on numerous areas of the uniform and debuted a new color once again: Kelly Green.

The Rose Bowl Uniform

And, against the Wisconsin Badgers in the Rose Bowl Game, Oregon gave us the best glimpse of what is to possibly come in their next set of uniforms. The Ducks showcased a completely different style of uniform that changed the way the jersey and helmet looked.

While the Ducks did keep decals on the shoulderpads, these decals were not the feathers that had been there for the past four seasons; these decals were more of a hybrid between the feathers and the “steel plating” Oregon had in their previous uniform set.

The helmet was the biggest change to the uniform in that it had a sleek, shiny, liquid metal look to it.

It also no longer featured the Oregon “O” on both sides (which is formed by drawing the outline of Hayward field and then Autzen Stadium around it) but rather had Duck wings streaking back across the helmet, just being a different enough shade of color from the base of the helmet to stand out.

And, not until yesterday, August 16th, had we seen anything about the new Oregon uniforms for 2012 and beyond. Sure, we had heard rumors in the dark from players and coaches, but nothing that truly solidified the fact that Oregon will have some new duds this season.

The New Uniform

As had been rumored, the 2012 set of new uniforms will closely resemble the same style that Oregon wore in the Rose Bowl; helmet and all.

The green Oregon helmet pictured on Duckterritory. Photo: duckterritory

The first pictures of the new uniforms surfaced on duckterritory and have created a stir amongst the college football nation once again.

Pictured on the site are three images depicting different parts of the 2012 Oregon uniform. The first pictures a helmet that is almost identical to the liquid metal helmet the Ducks wore in the Rose Bowl except for the fact that this one is green.

The second picture shows part of a uniform the same color as last years “Kelly Green”, “Fighting Ducks” uniforms without the Duck decals on the shoulderpads. The third is a picture of a liquid metal helmet that is different in that the feathers on the side look to be carbon fiber instead of the shinier look the Ducks had in the Rose Bowl.

As stated by nikeblog, the full set of new uniforms will make their public debut on August 22nd, a day that is sure to once again stir up fashion-minded college football fans.

On this date we will likely see the same type of uniform the Ducks wore in the Rose Bowl except for the fact that it will be in all kinds of different colors the Ducks have worn as of late. Expect Nike and Oregon, however, to throw an extra added surprise into the mix.

In fact, Andy McNamara, an SID at the University of Oregon, had this to tweet in reference to changes to the Oregon uniforms:

Coupled with that is the fact that everybody already knows Oregon and Nike always save the best surprise for last.

The only thing certain right now is that these set of uniforms are sure to add hype to what could be a yet another memorable season for the Oregon Ducks in 2012 when they are released on August 22nd.


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