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*My* five favorite things about Oregon’s new football facility

UO Swag

Chip Kelly may be gone, but the Oregon Ducks are still living life in the fast lane.

GoDucks.com has released photos of the team’s new facilities, which are officially open as of this week. Needless to say, if you’ve seen the pictures, they’re fantastic.

But while the facility as a whole is remarkable, there are a few things that pop out after Wednesday’s release. Phil Knight has done it again, and at this point, the images practically speak for themselves.

Locker Room

Every football facility has a locker room. That said, no football facility has a locker room like Oregon.

This beauty takes the concept of a changing room to the next level. For those who appreciate the Stormtrooper look that the Ducks have displayed in the past, this is the room for you. The all-white appearance is as fresh as it gets, and the innovative look of the lockers themselves is unmatched anywhere else in the country.

Photo: GoDucks.com

Photo: GoDucks.com

Two Theatres

In case one theatre wasn’t enough, the Ducks have added two miraculous rooms to the facility to gather and watch film.

The first room has a 30-foot screen that has the ability to retract and look down upon Autzen Stadium. The second one is smaller, and it is for when defense, offense or special teams needs to review things without the distraction of others.

Photo: GoDucks.com

Photo: GoDucks.com

Weight Room

For any serious football program, it’s expected that the weight room stands out among the key features. Oregon, however, took that concept to a whole new level.

With the letter “O” being prominently displayed all over the room, there’s absolutely no mistaking whose facility you’re in. The room has custom squat racks, Brazilian hardwood and looks over the team’s two new practice fields.

Photo: GoDucks.com

Photo: Oregon Ducks

Sunglasses/Writable Walls

The Ducks’ new facility has sunglasses. No, not those sunglasses.

Designers used a black glass on the outside of the building that they call sunglasses, based on the fact that they are tinted on the outside while remaining perfectly clear from the inside. Mark Helfrich’s office has the ability to darken the room when watching film.

Also found in the building is black magnetic walls. What makes these so special? They are writable and erasable for taking notes.

Photo: GoDucks.com

Photo: GoDucks.com

National Coverage/Recruiting

If the Ducks have done anything the past few years, it’s build a brand that has become a national powerhouse. Oregon is officially one of the most polarizing programs in all of college football, and fans around Eugene absolutely love it.

With all things UO does, haters will come out of the woodworks to shut the Ducks down. But with the new facility speaking for itself, all fans have to do is sit back, soak it in and watch the recruits continue to flock toward the program.

Major media members have been talking about the university’s new facility ever since it opened—Bleacher Report, Sportscenter and Sports Illustrated just to name a few.

With all that coverage, it’s easy to see how opposing fanbases will want to rebel. But with that said, it’s even easier to see how the Ducks continue to grab headlines year after year on a national level.

To see the new UO facility in its entirity, check out GoDucks.com


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