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Ducks football: LaMichael James injures arm in Oregon win

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Naturally, Ducks fans were thrilled with Oregon’s 43-15 win over California Thursday night. As usual, tailback LaMichael James was the star, running for 239 yards and a touchdown. But the game ended on a sour note, as James fell awkwardly and injured his arm in the fourth quarter.


He was carted off the field.

The injury looked gruesome but the good news is that X-rays showed no break in the arm and James was smiling after the game, arm in a sling.

“It’s not a season-ending injury and I’ll be fine,” James said. “I’m tough. I’m a warrior and I’m never going to quit on my team.”

LaMichael James injures arm in Oregon win

The question is whether or not James will have a say in the matter. The x-Ray is great news but we still await the results of his MRI, which he is having today.

He isn’t out of the woods yet.

If you’re an Oregon fan, the news stinks, as James is the engine driving the Ducks’ dominant offense. If you’re just generally a LaMichael James fan, however, the injury may be a blessing in disguise.

I, for one, was pumped to see what James could do in the NFL after his epic 2010 season. I was concerned for his pro career when he decided to stay in college ranks for another year.

His reason was commendable – he wanted to finish his education – but the Ducks gave him the ball so often, relied on his legs so much, that I worried he’d be burnt out before he even reached the NFL.

Maybe an extended break will reduce the tread on his tires and help his chances of having a major impact in the pros.

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