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Rose Bowl Keys To The Game: 94 years, Zero Roses!

Almost Gameday!

The Oregon Ducks are getting ready in Pasadena to play for roses against the Badgers.  As I sit here and contemplate the importance of this game, let me read you some statistics that may shed some light.

Oregon has only won, ONE Rose Bowl Game EVER!

The only Rose bowl win came in 1917, Yes i just said 1917.

As in, it’s almost been 100 years since the University of Oregon Ducks have won a Rose Bowl.  The Ducks are 1-4 all time while playing for roses, losing four straight.

During the Chip Kelly era, Oregon is only 9-5 against top 25 teams and is 2-2 this year.  

Yes 9-5 is a winning record, but  considering how many losses Oregon has had in the last few years, not many, shows our winning percentage drops significantly against ranked opponents.

Here is an extremely important fact, Out of Oregon’s last 6 losses, five of those took place when a team had more than one week to prepare for Oregon’s fast paced offense.

So what does that mean exactly?

It has been said that Oregon’s playbook is not all that big.  It relies on fast paced play calling and putting fast players in open space.  It is a really good recipe for scoring a lot of points.

However, their can be something said for having time to prepare to this kind of attack.

First of all, the opposing defense gets more time to step up conditioning levels.  Second, Oregon’s big attack comes in the form of read option.

LaMichael James

It relies on fast paced play calling and putting fast players in open space. Case In Point - LaMichael James

Good linebackers get more time to study the reads they need to make in order to shut this down.

The Badgers’ defense have been studying the Oregon offense for almost a month now.

That is a real concern in my opinion.

Winning conference titles is fun, now three straight, but it is time to start putting some Rose Bowl victories under the belts.  Let me put this in perspective.

USC has 33 Rose Bowl appearances with a 24-9 mark.  Yes, I just said USC has 24 Rose Bowl victories.  You don’t have to be a math major to figure out that the Ducks would have to win 23 straight times just to tie USC for number of wins.

So how bad do you want this game Duck fans?  

What does this game mean to you?

What would it mean if Oregon goes out and gets whipped by Wisconsin and Losses 3 straight BCS bowl games?

Let me remind you of the last bowl game the Ducks won.  It was the Holiday bowl against Oklahoma St. in 2008.

This season will be an extremely good season if Chip Kelly can bring roses back to Eugene this Monday. It’s time to end the long drought ducks fans.

Its been 94 years since fans have smelled the roses and its time for a bowl victory.

My 5 quick hits to victory!

1. Run D


2. Chains

Move the chains on Offense.  Oregon’s offense needs to allow the defense to rest my moving the chains.

3. Chip’s Mind

Open the playbook.  The ducks must show the Badgers some looks they haven’t seen yet.

4. 110%!

Leave nothing on the field.  Play hard, play smart, want it more! Its the last game of the year, so leave nothing back.

5. TO’s

Don’t beat yourself.  If Oregon fumbles in their own territory for quick points to Wisconsin, my remote will end up inside of my television!


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