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I’m a die-hard fan of Oregon Ducks football because…

Go, Ducks!

As a writer, the goal is stay objective approximately 99 percent of the time. The other one percent? Let your true colors fly!

In this case, those colors are green and yellow. There are so many great moments and so many great players in Oregon Ducks history, but the success of the team is just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to why anyone should be a fan of this incredible program.

Here are a five reasons I am a huge fan of the Oregon Ducks:

Autzen Stadium

Ask anybody who’s ever been to Autzen Stadium, and they’ll likely describe it as one of the loudest, rowdiest atmospheres in all of college football.

It may not hold 100,000-plus fans like some of the nation’s biggest venues, but it’s compact enough to trap the noise on top of the players. In 2007, the Autzen crowd set a college football record for noise, recording 127.2 decibles in the stadium against the USC Trojans.

College Gameday’s Lee Corso has extremely high praise for Autzen, saying, “Per person, the Oregon stadium is the loudest stadium I’ve ever been in.”

Until the USC loss last season, the Ducks held the nation’s longest active home winning streak at 21 games dating back to the 2008 season.

Autzen Stadium

In 2007, the Autzen crowd set a college football record for noise

From the crazy fans inside to the unique shape of the venue itself, Autzen Stadium has to be considered one of the best places to play in the entire country.

Big Brother to Oregon State Beavers

The Oregon Ducks haven’t always been the better football program, but the attention seems to always be placed on the group in Eugene rather than the team in Corvallis.

Whether it be the influence of Nike, the constant media attention or the recent string of conference championships, the Ducks are in the spotlight and their fans don’t seem to mind one bit.

Some teams enjoy flying under the radar, but with the media attention that the Ducks get year after year, the fans have a tendency to rub it in the faces of their in-state rivals.

Offense, Offense, Offense

Head coach Chip Kelly has instituted one of the most fast-paced, unique offensive systems in all of college football.

They practice fast, they play fast and they catch the eye of anyone who likes to see points go on the board in high volumes.

The Oregon Ducks were fifth last year in rushing yards per game and averaged the third-most points in the nation.

This isn’t to say that the team doesn’t play defense; in fact, they’re defense could be what propels them to success with a new quarterback next season.

But while defense may win championships—or so they say—the incredible blur offenseis why people tune in to Oregon Ducks games.

Oregon Ducks

The Oregon Ducks have seemingly become linked to Nike in every which direction.


Whether it be the hundreds of uniform combinations, the brand new basketball arena or the large donation to the Oregon Athletics Legacy Fund, Oregon fans know that Phil Knight has their backs.

The bright and colorful uniform combinations have become a trademark of the team, and while people across the nation may not always understand why, fans in Eugene truly get excited thinking about what will come next.

The Oregon Ducks have seemingly become linked to Nike in every which direction.

Call it whatever you’d like—Nike University, Uncle Phil, whatever it may be—but fans and players alike love every inch of what Nike and the Knight family have done for the university.

Fans Remain Strong, Win or Lose

One of the best reasons to root for this team is that they have a strong backing whether they’re winning or losing.

The university has sold out 79 straight home games, which dates back to 1999. The Ducks may be in the middle of a successful run right now, but since the ’99 season, the team has certainly had its down years.

Bandwagon fans exist for every team across every sport, but the Oregon faithful stays strong even when the team is down and out.

Yes, it’s true that the Ducks have compiled more fans since their successes have hit all-time highs.

That being said, go check out Autzen Stadium when the team is under .500 for the year. It’s still loud, it’s still crazy and it’s still one of the best places to be in all of college football.


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