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Oregon QB Bryan Bennett provides an offensive spark

Ducks Get Past WSU

Darron Thomas started the game today in Eugene against the Washington State Cougars.  It was an anticipated move and many expected him to play.


The Oregon offense was extremely sluggish and ineffective in the first half of the game. Darron Thomas showed a lot of rust after sitting out with an injury.  D.T. threw 2 picks and his only touchdown throw came on a broken play scramble to his right, where the receiver was able to get wide open for an easy 6.

I have seen a few games where Oregon’s offense has struggled.  It seems that the special teams and defense always picks up the team whenever that happens.

Oregon started the game with an swift attack on special teams.  Canadian sophomore Boseko Lokombo returned a blocked punt for a quick 6 and Oregon showed an even new version of the “swinging gate” for a 2 point conversion.

The swinging gate is an alignment scheme where the signal caller reads alignments and is a straight numbers game.  I only know this because we ran this in my freshman year in high school.  It’s a very effective weapon and tough to defend.

Oregon continues to be very well coached and in this game it showed.  After a 15-10 first half score, many three and outs, and 2 interceptions, Chip Kelly made a coaches decision that needed to be made.

Bryan Bennett came out to start the second half. I don’t think many coaches have the courage to bench the starting QB who is a leader of the team for a poor performance so quickly.

All Bennett did was march the team right down the field and score and score and score again.  The offense wasn’t the same after the change was made.

Boseko Lokombo

Canadian sophomore Boseko Lokombo sparked the Ducks Saturday

Better decisions were made at the line, the running game opened up in the hands of Barner, and Deanthony Thomas took it to the house on more than one occasion.

Deanthony Thomas has scored his 11th TD of the season and has broken the true freshman record at Oregon for TD’s scored this soon in the season.  He took one swing pass in open field for 6 making the defenders dance in circles trying to figure his line of attack.  He also ran a kick return back with blazing speed leaving defenders in the dust.

Deanthony “Black Mamba” Thomas is the real deal and forces Chip Kelly to put the ball in his hands in any way possible.

Chip was quoted after the game saying  “he is a real special player and learns any alignments we throw at him”.

At this point I’m not even sure who will start next week in Washington against the Husky’s.  Bryan Bennett was only 4 of 7 for 88 yards and 2 touchdowns in one half.  However it’s not even those stats that was impressive.  The entire offense got into a groove and just scored points on almost every drive.

Kenyon Barner also brought his “A” game with 11 rushes for 108 yards 1 TD with a 9.7 avg.  The Barner & Bennett combo is proving to be quite an offense tandem.

How many teams can change starting running back and QB mid season and look unstoppable?  Only one.

The Oregon Ducks, that’s who!

I have all the praise in the world for Chip Kelly and Nick Allioti.  Not only does Oregon have awesome players, but superior coaches.

The Washington Husky’s are much improved and are in for a fight against the Ducks in Seattle Washington at 7:30 pm.

In other notes:

Stanford survived a 3 OT game against USC on a goal line fumble.  Oregon plays at Stanford the following week and the Pac 12 north will be decided on that day.

Stanford’s defense showed many weaknesses and was getting shredded by Matt Barkley on a regular basis. Stanford’s strength of schedule is ranked 99th in the entire nation.

What does that mean?  They have played nobody!     

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