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Which Pac-12 team has the best odds to win the BCS title?

BCS Futures

So far in 2011, the Pac-12 looks as strong as it has in years, boasting two top-10 teams, three top-25 teams and five teams with one loss or fewer.

Which Pac-12 schools have the best sports betting odds to win the national championship right now?

Odds courtesy of BODOG

1. Stanford Cardinal (5-0)
BCS Championship odds: 12 to 1

Andrew Luck is considered by many to be the best quarterback prospect since Peyton Manning. As long as he suits up under center every week, Stanford has a chance to beat anyone.

2. Oregon Ducks (4-1)
BCS Championship odds: 30 to 1

A whole lot must go right for Oregon to even reach the BCS title game at this point. The Ducks can’t lose another game and need a bunch of other schools to lose. At least the Ducks can partially control their own fate if they beat Arizona State this week and Stanford on November 17.

BCS Futures

BCS Odds Update: Do the Ducks warrant consideration?

In theory, Oregon could post enough high-profile wins to warrant BCS consideration.

3. Arizona State Sun Devils (5-1)
BCS Championship odds: 50 to 1

Arizona State doesn’t get as much fanfare as the other BCS juggernauts but the Sun Devils are a balanced team that does everything “pretty well.”

This week’s battle with Oregon will tell us if they’re for real.

4. Washington Huskies (4-1)
BCS Championship odds: 100 to 1

If Keith Price keeps playing out of his mind, Washington has potential to shock the other Pac-12 contenders in the coming weeks. But UW’s defense probably isn’t good enough to keep the team from losing at least once more this season.

5. California Golden Bears
BCS Championship odds: 500 to 1

USC would’ve occupied that spot if it was championship-eligible, but the suspension doesn’t lift until next season. I’m surprised that Cal’s odds are even posted, as it has two losses. Can a two-loss team really make the BCS title game?

No way.

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  • PAC 12 Enforcer

    Matt Markin – “Can a two loss team make the BCS title game?”  Are you really that uninformed about college football to pose such a silly question?  Umm, take a look at the 2007-08 LSU football team.  If you were trying to be funny, the question should have been “Can a two loss PAC 12 team make the BCS title game” which would be giving a nod to the east coast bias out there. 

  • Gipetto19

    Congratulations on naming the ONLY team to win the national championship with two losses in the last 50 years. So I’m more than willing to bet the farm that a two-loss team doesn’t have a great chance. You must be a Cal fan.

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha.  In the last 50 years.  I haven’t checked the last 50 years, but there’s no need when you just have to go back THREE FRIGIN YEARS to find a two loss national champion.  Regardless of what heppened in the last 50 or even 100 years, the fact that old Matt has missed something in the last THREE YEARS shows he’s not too in touch with the very sport he’s writing about.  Sort of discredits the entire article, you know?

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