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Pac 12 Hoops Recap: The reasons…Oregon BLEW out UTAH

 46 point win?!

I guess you could say that the Oregon Ducks ended the regular season on a high note, as they absolutely embarrassed Utah in their season finale routing the Utes 94-48. While the Ducks did not win the Pac 12 this season they finished in 2nd place and it would be a big shock if they were not invited to the Big Dance.

You know the game was ugly early, as many starters sat for much of the game and many bench players got a lot of playing time.

Utah did not have their best first season in the Pac 12 and overall they ended the season 6-24 and went winless on the road in conference play (0-12).

Here are 5 reasons that Oregon Blew out Utah.

1. It was over early

The Utes failed to play defense or offense from the opening tip and after 13 minutes of the game the Ducks were already up 34-2. I mean scoring 2 points in the first 13 minutes? Seriously?

2. The Ducks were nailing the 3-pointer

Oregon was red hot behind the 3-point line burring 9 of their 13 long bombs. As the first half was coming to a close Oregon went on another run and hit 4 straight 3 pointers and entered the half with a rather comfortable 52-14 lead.

3. Oregon was red-hot from the field

5 Reasons Oregon blew out Utah

For the Game the Ducks shot a solid FG% of 56.5% and I mentioned their play in the first half and in the opening half the Ducks could not miss shooting a scorching 65.6% from the floor.

4. Not only were the Ducks hot, but the Utes were ice cold

Oregon was on fire shooting the rock, especially in the first half and not only that, but Utah struggled to score. They only scored 14 points in the first half and for the game shot a paltry FG% of 36.5%. On top of that Utah only shot a 3-pt FG% of 15.4% hitting on 2 of their 15 long bombs.

5. The glass was not kind for Utah

Not only were the Ducks red hot shooting and the Utes ice cold, but Oregon dominated the glass as well.

Oregon grabbed 39 rebounds while Utah only had 21 and to throw salt in the wound the Ducks had 12 offensive rebounds.


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