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Reasons To Watch Super Bowl XLVI

Two to watch on Sunday

Of all the potential Super Bowl match-ups the 2011 NFL Postseason could have yielded, the only game less interesting to me would have been if the Steelers had been playing the Giants.

A lot of the Seahawks fans that I have talked to have no rooting interest in this game at all (most of the ones that do have money riding on the game). Personally I am rooting for the Patriots for one reason, I am tired of hearing people debate who the best quarterback of this generation.

I already say it is Tom Brady but others will debate its Peyton Manning.

If Tom matches Joe Montana by getting his fourth ring, I believe this debate will be over.

Aside from that small rooting interest, I am going to be paying close attention to a couple players who will be free agents next year.


BenJarvus Green-Ellis

New England will most likely look to lock him up but if he becomes available he would make an interesting replacement for Justin Forsett.

Super Bowl 46 logo

Super Bowl 46 pits New England vs. New York

He would definitely be an upgrade as a backup running back and if Lynch (assuming he is resigned) went down, he could carry the majority of the work load while the team brought in Leon Washington as a situational back (Passing Downs in-particular).


MLB Gary Guyton

New England’s back-up middle linebacker is set to hit free agency. He has shown flashes at times when given the opportunity and if David Hawthorne leaves Seattle, Guyton would be an interesting option.

Nothing about this guy screams starting linebacker, don’t get me wrong, but Pete is known for finding diamonds in the rough and while I am watching the SB (a game where I’m more interested in the players than the teams) I will watch him if given the chance.

It isn’t a very big list of players to watch, but as a Seahawks fan these are the two players I am most interested in.

While they are on the field I will be sure to pay attention, as for the rest of the game I will be sure to use the restroom or grab another beer so I don’t miss any of the commercials.


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