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Nash Enough? VitaminWater Canada Contest Details

Is Canada “Nash Enough” ?

Are we two time NBA MVP?  Are we two time NBA All-Star Game Skills Competition Champion?

Are we closing in on top five all time in assists?

Are we worthy (read, smart enough, YES YOU STU JACKSON!) to realize what a special human being Steve Nash is, both on and off the court and that had he donned a Grizzlies jersey, the team probably would have remained in Vancouver.

Not only has Steve Nash changed the way that people view the NBA game, but he has also done his best to change not only the way that fans view NBA players, but he has also helped change the way that NBA players spend their free time.

Along with his Steve Nash Foundation, the Steve Nash Youth League,  and countless other contributions to charity causes around the world, Nash has made time and point to take part in the Vancouver Olympic Games Ceremony, show up unannounced at local soccer pitches to play a game or two and act as a spokesman for a number of products and businesses, including Vitamin Water.

Steve Nash

Steve Nash changed the way that people view the NBA game

Teaming his Meathawk production company with Vitamin Water, Nash has offered up an opportunity to Canadians to prove that they are in fact “Nash Enough”.

Long story short, Nash wants to know if you are able to hang with him, whether he has a ball in his hand, or he is helping to make the world a safer and greener environment for our future.

Out of the five finalists, the contest has become a two horse race with the winner being granted the opportunity to hang out with the man himself and film a commercial in New York City.

As of Sunday morning, it appears to be a two horse race, with Arkinder Kandola (Surrey) and Adam Henkle (Victoria) battling it out.

So what does this have to do with sports in the Northwest?

Pretty much nothing, but it has shown us that even within a contest to help plug a commercial product that Steve Nash continues to have an impact in our lives and that there are many people out there who are going to great lengths to prove that they are in fact…NASH ENOUGH.

Vote Now – Are You Nash Enough?

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