M’s Injured reserve: What to do with Gutierrez?

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There was a movie that came out in 2000 titled Unbreakable. Starring Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis, the thriller by M. Night Shyamalan detailed the story of David Dunn (Willis) and his interactions with Elijah Price (Jackson). Though there is a large, broader, and emotional pull to the movie, an extremely brief summary will suffice for our purposes.

In short, Dunn cannot be broken (literally) while Price is susceptible to having bones broken almost every time the wind blows.

A pretty successful film in its time that received reviews, it seems as though producers have decided to make a sequel of it with different characters and storyline. Instead of having the overall theme explore the contrasting viewpoints of what it means to be a superhero, it seems as though Unbreakable 2 will be oriented around baseball. And though the film is still in its early stages, it appears one cast member has been announced.

Playing a role similar to that of Samuel L. Jackson’s character in the first film, Franklin Gutierrez of the Seattle Mariners has been cast as the most breakable man in baseball.

Ok…so awful analogy and satire aside, there is no sequel to Unbreakable coming out and Gutierrez is not about to be the star of a feature film. However, hopefully this attempt at comedy did push across a point: Gutierrez is back on the DL and it is frustrating.

Franklin Gutierrez

IIt’s time to bid Guti a fond farewell.

Here’s what should be done about the situation.

A Fond Farewell

Franklin Gutierrez is a great player. A defensive star in center who can swing a good bat, he is one of the better fielders in the league and a value commodity; that is, however, only when he is on the field. Despite his potential and upside when he is playing for the Mariners, Gutierrez has been a burden these past few years because he has been injured so often. His latest injury may be his most depressing.

Like all the other times this has occurred, us fans heard that Guti was doing great and was on track to get back in the lineup and really contribute to an outfield that was having a tough time swinging the bat. Being brought back up last week, Gutierrez homered in his first game back and created hope inside of us, like the Mariners sometimes do.

However, with that hope comes quick angst and the crushing blow of 1,000,000,000 spears being thrust into, as he had to come out of Sunday’s game after re-injuring his hamstring.

Seattle fans, let’s all do a therapeutic, group sigh right now.

Unfortunately, this is what we have come to expect from the once standout center fielder, and this should be the last time we allow it to happen.

As I mentioned just a short while ago, Gutierrez is a great player who has a ton of upside when he is on the field.

However, he is off the field and injured way too often to actually be a value commodity to Seattle, especially with the current state of the organization.

So, though he was once a fan favorite and many still root for him to get better, I believe it’s time to exercise some trade options with him and bid him good luck on another team. It will undoubtedly be a tough goodbye for a player who used to be a building block in the outfield for the organization, but it’s a move that needs to be done.

I’ll still root for Guti, just from a distance.


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