What is wrong with the Seattle Mariners? What is holding them back?

Can The M’s Save Themselves ?

We were warned that this year would be ugly for the Seattle Mariners.

Although I was expecting like your neighbors dog ugly, not hideous but annoying.

Instead it is evil step mother / wicked witch of the northwest ugly. 

51 losses by the all star break?

Seriously?  There was supposed to be a glimmer of hope.

Dustin Ackley‘s first full season would be amazing and reminiscent of Ken Griffey Jr‘s start.  Not with the home runs, but with the wow factor.

Instead the only time I find my self saying “wow” is when it is followed by “you suck”.

Justin Smoak came off a difficult year last season with his dad dying and getting hit in the face with the ball and yada yada yada.

I actually want to be a huge Justin Smoak fan.

I want him to be the next Mark Texeria but instead…. he is acting like the next Chone Figgins.

Why did I even bring up Chone Figgins?  arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

The pitching rotation has been horrendous.  Things are worse instead of better.

Why for the love of home plate is this happening?

What is wrong with the Mariners?

Here are five ideas

1. Motivation

Look into the eyes of the players in the dug out and it seems that the soul of these player has been sucked out of them.  Is it the eternal gray skies over Seattle or is it that the management doesn’t know how to motivate these young guys to step it up from AAA?

2. Mileage

It has been well documented that the Mariners are the team with the roughest travel schedule of all the MLB.   The closest divisional team is 1200 miles away.  Compare that to New York and Boston that are just 350 Miles apart.

All that travel is grating on a player.

They have very little actual time off to rest and recuperate.  The Mariners need to make their needs more vocal to MLB about how to improve that when the division is expanded to include Houston.

3. Momentum

This is talked about more often in football than baseball, but good hitting begets good hitting.  Everyone in the line up is responsible to get a hit.

Chone Figgins

What is wrong with this team? Why did I even bring up Chone Figgins? arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

It can’t be saved for the next guy to do.

It has to get done.

Also winning 1 game a week makes it awfully hard to get up in the morning just to lose all over again.

The organization has to put an emphasis on the importance of day to day success of the team.  An “I do or die attitude.”

The team needs to bond.

4. Missing element

The front office of the Mariners is one of the most cold in all of baseball.  While you don’t want to give away your strategy you want to keep your fans engaged.

The team is losing buy in  from the local fan base who is sick of a bad product and has no idea what the team wants to do to get better.

5. Man overboard

 The owner of this vessel has never watched his team play a live game. 

Compare that with Nolan Ryan who sits in the front row of nearly every Rangers game.  The organization is halted by a man who isn’t really a fan.

A man willing to take risks to make his team better, a man in a suit who wants to cheer alongside the guy in the Jersey in the center field bleachers.

This man once saved Seattle baseball now we need to save that man.

Seattle it is time to start acting like NEW YORK Sports fans! It’s time to act.

Let’s make some noise and get some changes made around here.


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  • The206

    I agree with all of the above. I’ve been a fan since I was 9 years old. I still remember my first game I saw on June 17, 1993 in the Kingdome. Jay Buhner hit a HR and the M’s beat the Rangers 3-2… As much as I want to divorce this team as “my team” it’s like it’s in my blood since I grew up in the NW and it’s my childhood team… I’m holding back spending as much money because just witnessing this ownership and management tear the hearts out of the fans every year makes you realize “What’s the point?” I still ever so much want them to succeed, and would cry the day…if they.. ever won the World Series.
    1) If we are in this “re-building” crap they keep trying to sell us then at least make it very affordable and cheap to come to the ball park (2 for 1 tickets or $3 beers).. something to show you appreciate us trying to support you while you stink.
    2) The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. We need a new beginning. A new owner (local and a fan, much like Nolan Ryan with TX). We need to get Howard and Chuck out of the organization. We need a new attitude. MLB needs to maybe make special considerations with our travel schedule. And,…bring in the SafeCo fences a bit, just for the hell of it.


    • Thanks man, at least I know that I’m not along in being hooked on this team no matter what. I would just like to see progress, something different than the past decade. I am really disappointed in what the young guys are doing this year.

  • NWSportsBeat

    Great article Danny! I hope the #Mariners fan base gets pissed off a little more in the second half of the season. Why not boo the product on the field?

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