Touch Decisions For McClendon Should M’s Make Postseason

Who’s Your 25?

With just over a week to go in the regular season it is time to start thinking about something that Seattle Mariner’s fans have not had to think about for quite a long time.

Who should the Seattle Mariners put on their post season roster?

A post season birth is a great thing and it would be a huge thing for the Mariners and their fans to once again get a taste of October baseball.

As of September the Mariners and all other MLB teams have been enjoying the expanded 40 man rosters to either take a look at young players for next year or to reinforce their current team for the stretch drive.  That ends, however, as soon as you reach the playoffs.  Rosters must return to 25 players.

One rule about the MLB post season that you have to keep in mind when trying to come up with your 25 guys is this:

Players who do not participate in one game in the Majors before September 1 with the team’s organization of the regular season will be declared ineligible for the team’s 25-man active roster of the postseason and must be placed on either the restricted list or the secondary squad.

Essentially that means that If the player didn’t appear on the Mariners 25 man roster prior to Sept 1st for the Seattle Mariners, they aren’t post season eligible.

With that in mind, here’s a look at how I think the M’s will go into October.

Starting Lineup

Justin Smoak Mariners

Should the M’s reach October, Justin Smoak won’t be smiling.


A couple of things about this lineup.  It’s obviously a lineup to face a right handed starter.  With a lefty on the mound I’d fully expect to see Denorfia and Taylor in there someplace in the starting lineup.

I’m not really trying debate who will start and who will be on the bench or even in what order they will hit here.  I’m just saying these are the guys I expect to be hitting and playing defense for the Mariners in October.

Notable absences would be Justin Smoak, Corey Hart, James Jones, and Stefen Romero.

Smoak and Hart are both expendable since neither have hit a lick all year long and the M’s Achilles heel all year long has been a lack of offense.

Jones is too inexperienced as a player and is now greatly overshadowed by  Jackson in center.  It was tempting to put him on there just for his base stealing abilities but that need for offense overshadowed that luxury in my mind.

Saunders will have to be responsible for getting “money bags” in the post season.

Starting Rotation


Can Felix Lead the M’s through the postseason?


Since it has been so long since the M’s have been in the post season I’d like to remind you that I’m not crazy and I’m fully aware that there are only four starting pitchers listed here.

In the post season you always see travel days as series shift from one city to another.  The need for a 5th starter just doesn’t happen in the post season.  With Roenis Elias shutdown for the rest of the year anyway and Taijuan Walker much too green to pitch in the post season it really doesn’t make sense to move him to the pen.

Instead, I elected to use that roster spot for a 4th bench player rather than an extra arm in the bullpen.

Speaking of the bullpen, my prediction there is pretty much as it has been all year.  No real surprises.  If you are wondering about Carson Smith, well, go back and ready that pesky rule at the top of the article.

Yes, I suppose the M’s could find a way using the DL rules to finagle him on the roster much the way the Angels did with Francisco Rodriguez back in 2002.  Maybe Medina will come down with a case of “phantom sore arm” but I don’t think so.

As good as Smith has pitched he’s still very green, much the way Walker is and the M’s are going to go with their most experienced guys.

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