Why BC’ers love and root for the Toronto Blue Jays

Hey M’s fans…Canadian explanation of Jays love

Hey Seattle Mariners fans of the NWSB blog – we’re sorry.

We’re sorry every time the Toronto Blue Jays come to Safeco Field there’s more blue than a Levi’s factory.

But we’re just so darn proud of our last place, underachieving and overpaid Blue Jays squad.

Sure, they were picked by several media outlets and experts to challenge for the World Series but it’s only a matter of time before we finish above .500 and flirt with possibly making the Wild Card only to miss out and finish right in the middle like we always do.

We haven’t been anywhere close to the playoffs in 20 years but we’re a consistent threat to win 80 games a year and that’s nothing to scoff at.

Another reason why we’re so proud of our Jays is the way they represent Canada.

They’re truly Canada’s team – timid, inoffensive and never a threat to anyone or anything.

Plus, they have the maple leaf on their logo – what’s not to love.

Seattle might be much closer to Vancouver, just like Minnesota is closer to Winnipeg but I think you’re forgetting about that magical line that separates our countries. We allowed the British to fight long and hard to defend our border and that magical line is also where our loyalties lie.

We here in Vancouver always support a Canadian product…well other than American gas… and milk… and eggs… and clothing.


Seattle is nothing like Vancouver – it’s full of Starbucks.

But you get the point.

Not only are the Jays our Canadian team but they also have some great local boys on their roster. That Brett Lawrie is a good Canadian kid – pretty darn good at throwing his bat and helmet too.

And he’s a real class act on Twitter.

We cheer for the Jays because we can all relate to Toronto due to the fact that we share this great land of Canada.

Seattle is nothing like Vancouver – it’s full of Starbucks.

They had their NBA team ripped away from them, it rains all the time and it’s full of hippies. Hell, Seattle and the state of Washington legalized marijuana earlier last year – that’s the type of thing Vancouver wants no part of.

It’s clear we have so much more in common with Toronto.

It’s a strong, vibrant city with a great mayor, an air quality rating slightly better than Los Angeles and beautiful flat scenery.

Vancouver is also truly starved for Jays coverage, which is why it’s such a thrill to finally get a chance to see the team in person.

I mean, we only have all 162 games on TV, Jays Central, Jays 24/7, recaps and replays of every game and postgame shows. What’s a desperate fan to do with such a lack of Blue Jays material to absorb?

But above all, like the good Canadians we are, we’re sorry.

We don’t often cheer loudly and act rambunctious at baseball games but when we do – it’s for a last place club that’s been mediocre for an entire generation.

And we’d also like to say sorry in advance to Portland Trail Blazers fans for what will go down on Feb. 1, 2014. That’s right – Canada’s basketball team, the Toronto Raptors are coming to the Rose Garden!

Get ready for more purple than an all-day marathon of Barney! GO RAPS!


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  • Mike Reid

    that was a clown show bro last nite,poor felix

  • NWSportsBeat

    I posted this over at Seattle Sports Net on Alex’s awesome HILARIOUS post about the Jays fans in Seattle…

    Fun Fact: Did you know that since the 93 Blue Jays WS winning season (Which I might add a hefty % of people in Safeco last night cheering for the Jays were barely alive for) last won their world series the Seattle Mariners have won 20 more games? (Incl. last night’s debacle). “But you’re just so darn proud of your last place, underachieving and overpaid Blue Jays squad.”

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