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Tweets to watch for on all things M’s

Time for another Social media report.

So your beloved Seattle Mariners have been playing “alright” so far this season. Re-building the team is still a work in progress – construction is ongoing.

Young players like Kyle SeagerJesus Montero and Dustin Ackley are trying hard to prove themselves and produce, with few dependable veterans – particularly hitters (ahem, Ichiro) – to look to for support.

Coming off of some horrific away games, it’s hard to be particularly optimistic when the numbers already indicate that the M’s are unlikely to score more than 600 runs once again this season.

However, at least the Seattle Mariners are currently sitting in 26th place for runs scored, a step up from their standard last place finish in the ’09-10 and 10-11 seasons.

As long as they’re improving slightly, North Westerners will continue to fill Safeco Field, patiently waiting for any glimpse of the Griffey days, or at least something remotely comparable…. (right?).

Social Media Report: Mariners

Mariners Social Media Report

Or maybe Mariners fans are just so used to baseball, beer and another “L” going hand in hand that they’ve become indifferent to this never-ending growth period.

Either way, Seattle sucking means there’s no lack of commentary on TV, in the papers, and my favourite, over social media, nit-picking over the ups and downs, while trying to solve the always unanswered question WHY?

 (Kind of reminds me of a certain hockey team in southern Ontario).

If you’re interested in keeping up with the M’s inside the locker room, or the baseball fans whose livelihoods are based on writing about or promoting or bashing this team, here’s a helpful list.

The Top 25 Mariners players and commentators to follow on Twitter.

Honorable Mention just to bug him. Seattle Sportsnet’s Alex and his witty M’s banter.!/alexSSN/statuses/203222476208095233

25. Make sure the people you are following are hot. Like Jeff Sullivan, the “good looking Mariners blogger”, tweeting all things MLB.!/LookoutLanding/statuses/203485274997669890

24. Twitter home for the Dave Softy Maher Show on Sports radio 950AM. This guy knows baseball.!/Softykjr/statuses/203536319857700865

23. Senior writer for ESPN’s The Magazine, Buster Olney.!/Buster_ESPN/statuses/203217294783025152

22. Had to give props to the Mariners’ Housewife – “chronicling the horror and astonishment that accompanies being a Seattle Mariners fan”.!/MarinerHwife/statuses/202915104373747715

21. For the latest from the Seattle Times sports section.!/SeaTimesSports/statuses/203321578384146432

20. Media connections at Safeco Field via Matt Pitman, broadcaster of pre and post Mariners games for ESPN Seattle. He tweets the important stuff!!!/mattpitman/statuses/192483698103427072

19. Want to know what the Mariners’ are chewing on? Even their head chef has a Twitter account. Sounds like Jeremy Bryant is keeping the boys well fed.!/chefjerm/statuses/187665380016259075

18. Midaswell put myself in here. I routinely attend and cover Mariners games, although my legacy lies elsewhere.!/_CarolynSmith/statuses/202907059061137408

17. Public Information Officer for the Seattle Mariners. PR woman with the goods on the M’s.!/RebeccaMariners/statuses/193491354620395520

16. Breaking down the latest Mariners stats for North West Sportsbeat – Brandon Choate.!/NWSBBrandon/statuses/203517553283301377

15. Don’t miss an article or chirp by Clinton Bell, North West Sportbeat’s blogger for all Seattle sports.!/clinto77/statuses/192122909207183361

14. Seattle Times M’s reporter Geoff Baker offers insight from the MLB world, while talking to fans about what’s up with the M’s and where they’re headed this season.!/gbakermariners/statuses/193890418797191169!/gbakermariners/statuses/193884329166905346

13. Wherever the M’s go, she goes. Follow ESPN’s Shannon Drayer for tid bits from the field.!/shannondrayer/statuses/194154462196137984

12. For access to the latest news and videos from, follow Mariners reporter Greg Johns.!/GregJohnsMLB/statuses/193860876594446336!/GregJohnsMLB/statuses/193834336250892288

11. Follow the twitter feed for the Brock and Salk show, 710 AM ESPN Seattle. Mike Salk puts chirping fans in their place.!/BrockandSalk/statuses/192490139119923200

10. Steven Silver has unique insight and some of the best articles on the ongoing Mariners saga.!/InsiderSteve/statuses/203148071712980992

9. Seattle Mariners TV Voice Dave Sims!/TheDaveSimsShow/statuses/203355410592317440

8. Shedding light on what’s really going on at Safeco Field as it happens is national baseball writer for the Seattle Times Larry Stone.!/StoneLarry/statuses/194129327540023299

7. The official Twitter feed of Major League Baseball – never a bad spot to stop! Oops – put in a Blue Jays tweet… by accident… 😉!/_CarolynSmith/statuses/203552497942532097

6. How can I not include the almighty Q? The North West Sportsbeat editor tweets M’s all day every day, posting unique articles on the team that you won’t find anywhere else.!/NWSportsBeat/statuses/203222753770340352!/NWSportsBeat/statuses/203197888170442752!/NWSportsBeat/statuses/194144839686828033

5. Pitcher Felix Hernandez – tweeting mostly in Spanish Sometimes about his kids eating with chopsticks, and sometimes sending out thanks to the M’s faithful.!/RealKingFelix/statuses/189116158518104064

4. For a behind the scenes look at all things M’s, go right to the source by following the official Seattle Mariners Twitter account.!/Mariners/statuses/190167955760353281

3. If you want to win tickets to an M’s game, follow pitcher Brandon League himself, giving them away to his followers who have the best mohawk pics.!/BrandonLeague43/statuses/187601007579111425

2. What’s Shawn Kelley drinking in the morning?!/shawnkelley23/statuses/202360708531372033

1a. To stay in the loop on what the boys are up to on the way to the field, follow outfielder Casper Wells. FYI – he can Dougie.!/UpstateBaller/statuses/195500741127979010

1b. Mike Carp has the coolest Twitter name out there but is bad at tweeting regularly. He openly admits it. (@CarpusMaximus20)!/CarpusMaximus20/statuses/202140240041873409

There you have it folks. Another social media report. Till next time. Adios from beautiful Vancouver B.C.


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