The Top 5 Seattle Mariners Short Stops of All Time

Short Stop Rankings

The short stop in baseball is one of the most exciting and elegant position players in all of sports. These athletes have to be quick on their feet with strong arms and good instincts.


These are the guys that most commonly give the highlight footage.

For the Mariners finding a good short stop has been a challenge, however there are a few men that rise above the others for this list of the top 5 Mariners short stops of all time.

5. Carlos Guillen

Carlos was the short stop during the surreal 2001 Season when the Mariners won 116 games so anyone on that team tends to rate high in fan’s memories.

However he often gets lost in all the talk of that season.

Guillen was not known for his standout defense at third, but with the huge loss of A-Rod at short gave Guillen a chance to play at his more natural position and he excelled beyond anyones expectations. At the plate he wasn’t spectacular but he was consistent hitting a .264 during his time with Seattle.

Ultimately it was injury that plagued Guillen from becoming a true stand out short stop, but he still is in the M’s top five.

4. Craig Reynolds

Reynolds was a former first round draft pick of the Pirates, but he only player 38 games with them before being traded to Seattle where he became the everyday short stop in the inaugural season of the Seattle ball club.

In 1978 he represented the team in the AL all star team and finished the year with a .292 average and a career high .710 OPS.

His bat and glove were a great combination for the struggling expansion team, unfortunately he was traded and played 10 seasons of great baseball with the Astros.

3. Yuniesky Betancourt

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez is certainly in a class by himself when it comes short stop rankings for the M's.

Betancourt was a relatively unknown commodity that gave the M’s a solid position player during a time when everything seemed to be falling apart for the Mariners.

During his 5 season with Seattle Betancourt hit for .279 with .683 OPS as well as having a good performance defensively as well.

He could have become something special for the M’s unfortunately he hated being in Seattle and was not well missed when he left.

2. Omar Vizquel

If Vizquel had stayed with the Mariners he would undoubtably be number one on this list as he is considered to be the best defensive shortstop of all time. However as good as he was defensively for the mariners from 1989 to 1993 no one foresaw that he would become what he is today.

The Mariners traded him for Felix Fermin, Reggie Jefferson and cash. That turned out to be a bad trade. Little O is, by far, the most famous Venuzuelian baseball player and has inspired many shortstops throughout the years.

Even though it has been almost 3 decades since he has played for Seattle he still seems as though he is a part of the Mariners at heart.

Although it took some time to forgive him for the 1995 AL championship series.

1. Alex Rodriguez

There is a reason that fans still boo Alex every time he comes up to bat in Safeco field. He was that good. He was also very well loved in the emerald city.

Rodriguez is really in a class by himself being a good defensive short stop with power.

In his first full major league season he hit 36 home runs with a .358 batting average, which is something special.

He has also become one of the most disrespected athletes of all time, it would be great to knock him off this list.

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