Top 5 Mariners pitching performances of all-time

How does Felix rank amongst Mariner best?

It’s a big day for Mariner fans everywhere. Felix Hernandez throws a perfect game. Not only is this the first no-hitter of the King’s career, it’s also the first perfect game in Seattle Mariners history.

Seattle has long been known as a team that’s house some amazing pitchers. From Hernandez, to Randy Johnson to Jaimie Moyer.

Each has left his mark in some way on the Seattle franchise, and provided plenty of exciting games.

So, how does Hernandez’s performance today stack up against Mariner history?

5. Chris Bosio No-Hitter (April 22, 1993)

To be honest, it was a great feat, but a bit of a lackluster game. None the less, it’s a no-hitter and that’s well deserving of any spot here.

Facing off against Boston in the Kingdome, Bosio went the full nine without allowing a single hit. He allowed two walks, and struck out four. Of his 97 pitches 59 were for strikes.

While it wasn’t a dominating performance—and it ended in a stunning Omar Vizquel play—Bosio did retire 27 straight after walking the first two batters of the game.

4. Combined No-Hitter (June 8, 2012)

By no means is a combined no-hitter as amazing as a single effort by a pitcher, but this still has to go down as one of Seattle’s best—if not craziest—pitching performances of all-time.

Facing off against the Dodgers at home, Kevin Millwood was hitless through six innings. Suddenly he was forced from the game with a groin injury. Throughout the next three innings Charlie Furbush, Stephen Pryor, Lucas Luetge, Brandon League and Tom Wilhelmsen would combine for 0 hits to complete the 10th combined no-no in MLB history.

As a team, the M’s pitched nine innings, gave up zero hits, 3 walks and struck out 9 batters. They threw 114 total pitches, 71 strikes, while Pryor was awarded the win and Wilhelmsen the save.

3. Randy Johnson No-Hitter (June 2, 1990)

How could you have any Mariner’s performance list and not include a Randy Johnson gem?

This game is a particularly special one. Not only was it the first no-hitter in Seattle Mariner history, but it was also the first of two no-no’s that Johnson would throw in his career.

Facing off against the visiting Detroit Tigers, Johnson had everything going for him. Besides not allowing a hit, he also struck out eight while throwing 88 strikes (138 pitches total). The biggest thing holding this gem back is the six walks allowed by Johnson in the contest.

2. Felix Two-Hitter (June 30, 2010)

Felix Hernandez

As far as history’s concerned, he’s the best.

Before today, this was by far King Felix’s most dominating pitching performance on his way to a Cy-Young award.

At season finish, the New York Yankees led all of the MLB in OBP. They also finished with the 13th best strikeout record in baseball. Hernandez turned their world upside down.

Pitching to a hostile crowd against one of baseball’s best offenses, the King was dominant. Beside pitching a complete game shutout, he allowed a mere two hits while striking out 11. Of his 115 pitches, 76 were thrown for strikes.

Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and Robinson Cano—who came into the game with a combined .305 average—went hitless.

1. Felix Hernandez Perfect Game (August 15, 2012)

No contest. This was by far the greatest Seattle Mariners pitching performance of all-time.

27 up, 27 down. No baserunners allowed. 12 strikeouts. Just 113 pitches thrown, with 77 for strikes.

As history goes it was the 23rd perfect game in MLB history. It stands as the fourth no-hitter in Mariner history, and the only perfect game. It was the second perfect game, and third no-hitter, thrown at Safeco this season.

There’s no other words I can use to demonstrate how great this performance was. King Felix was the best he’s ever been, keeping his cool at every turn. The Rays did everything they could to mess with his rhythm, and battery mate John Jaso brought him back every step of the way.

It was dominate, it was great, it was immortal. It was perfect.

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  • Britton Ransford

    I will respectfully argue that Felix’s one-hit, complete game shutout against the Red Sox in April of 2007 should be number two on this list. Not discounting that gem against the Yankees, but he was absolutely filthy in that game.

    Not to mention, all the hype building up to the game was about Daisuke Matsuzaka’s Fenway Park debut and all Felix did was throw 7-innings of no-hit baseball before giving up a leadoff single to start off the eighth to J.D. Drew. He also recorded six strikeouts and received a slight round of applause from the Fenway faithful.

    I remember watching that game, and it was at that moment that all Seattle fans were aware that Felix would eventually throw a no-hitter — it was just a matter of when he would throw it. And, as we all now know, that day was today.

    Every Felix gem is special and I suppose that one is, in my opinion, my favorite. Other than today’s, of course (which, unfortunately, I had to listen to on sketchy static radio while driving across the state).

    • I agree that was certainly a gem, and I remember watching it on my 14 inch tv in my room after getting home from school. As a first-and-foremost Sox fan, I have to admit I let out a mini celebration when Drew got that hit.

      With that said, I would argue look at it this way. The different between 1 hit and 2 hits in a game is a sliver of luck. So then we have to compare other stats. 6 Ks against Boston vs. his 11 against New York. I just felt the NY start was a bit more dominating.

      Honestly, I felt obligated to put those other three no-hitters on this list. In reality, each is flawed (Johnson’s walks, a “combined” no-no, and Bosio never hitting over 89 mph) I could easily bump one of them for Felix’s 1-hitter against Boston. If I had done that though, I’d probable have a ton of readers calling for my head!

      And, we can’t let the King have all the attention (even if he deserves it!).

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