My Top Five Players in Seattle Mariners History

For a team with no World Series, it’s amazing how many outstanding players the Seattle Mariners have had over the years.

Who makes the cut as the top five all-time?

We factor in entire careers here more than time spent with Seattle. No offense to the current crop. But history has a lot to do with my rankings…

Here’s my Top 5 M’s Players Of All Time

1. Randy Johnson

Some Junior lovers will disagree but I would argue that the Big Unit was more dominant relative to his position than Griffey was. Only Nolan Ryan struck out more batters; only Roger Clemens won more Cy Youngs; and Randy has the highest all-time K per 9 of any starting pitcher.

Plus he pitched during the steroid era!

2. Ken Griffey Jr.

Don’t worry; there’s no way Junior falls anywhere lower than second. Talk about a player delivered on his hype year in, year out. Griffey had the sweetest swing in the game, amazing outfield defense and the ability to get us on our feet with his homers.

If only he’d been healthier near the end of his career, he could’ve broken some records.

3. Alex Rodriguez

A-Rod clearly isn’t Seattle’s most beloved former star after he left to sign his infamous $25-million per-season deal with Texas. But he’s still the youngest to hit both 500 and 600 homers. He has more 100-RBI seasons than any other player ever. He’s the third man to join the 40/40 club.

He’d be ahead of Griffey if steroids hadn’t tainted him.

4. Ichiro Suzuki

Starting to see the trend here? Ichiro, who would have challenged for Pete Rose’s all-time hits record had he entered the majors at a younger age, is only the fourth greatest Mariner? That’s how good this franchise’s talent has been.

The Japanese import has the single-season hit record at 262.

5. Edgar Martinez

The seven-time All-Star was a hitting machine, a class act and had a good enough career to be many franchises’ best of all-time.

But Edgar was in such elite company that he falls to fifth on this list.

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