Cream of the Crop – 5 Best Seattle Mariners Draftees

Top 5 Mariners draft picks

Many years it seems as if the Mariners front office just can’t get it right. Whether it be bad trades, bad drafts or bad scouting, we have seen it all. You can stand proudly Mariners fans as I have a list that should make you smile. The Mariners got it right with these guys, their top draft picks in the history of the franchise.


Honorable Mention

Jason Varitek

Yes, you read that correctly. The Mariners selected Varitek 14th overall in the 1994 MLB draft out of Georgia Tech. He was listed as an outfielder, and made it all the way to the Rainiers before the Mariners offloaded him in 1997 to Boston. What could have been, right?

5. Tino Martinez

The Mariners selected Tino 14th overall in the 1988 MLB draft out of the University of Tampa. We all remember his 6 years of service for the Mariners at first base before he ended up with the Yankees, Cardinals, and Rays.

Hendu was the very first Mariners draft pick in team history.

4. Mark Langston

The Mariners selected Langston 35th overall in the 2nd round of the 1981 MLB draft out of San Jose State University. He spent 6 seasons as a Mariner before moving onto glory with the California Angels and then stops in San Diego and Cleveland before calling it quits.

3. Dave Henderson

Henderson was the Mariners first draft pick ever in their franchise. He was selected 26th overall in the 1977 MLB draft out of Dos Palos High School in Dos Palos, California. He spent 6 seasons with the Mariners (I’m seeing a trend here) before moving onto Boston, San Francisco, Oakland, and his final stop in Kansas City.

We all know how he fared in Oakland as you could see his World Series trophy proudly displayed at Dave Henderson’s Ballyard in Bellevue, Washington when it was in business.

2. Alex Rodriguez

The Mariners selected A-Rod 1st overall in the 1993 MLB Draft out of Westminster Christian High School in Miami, Florida. We all know A-Rod is an extremely polarizing figure not only in Mariners history, but in Seattle sports history. His contributions cannot go unnoticed, though, despite his tendency to chase the money.

He spent 7 dominating years as a Seattle Mariner before moving onto the nemesis Rangers and evil empire New York Yankees.

We all dislike him in one way or another, but he will go down as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, players in baseball history.

The a kid after the Mariners drafted him in 1987.

1. Ken Griffey Jr.

Could it be anyone else? The Kid was selected 1st overall in the 1987 MLB Draft out of Moeller High School in Cincinnati, Ohio. He made his debut for the Mariners in 1989 and spent his first 11 years in a Mariners uniform.

We all remember the sweet swing, the backwards hat, and the big goofy smile he often flashed around Seattle. His sweet catches, his home run records and streaks and his fun loving attitude on and off the field.

He moved onto Cincinnati and then to the White Sox before ending his career where it all began…in Seattle.

Those are my personal top 5 picks by the Mariners. Many were considered and many were left off the list.

Who would YOU put in your top 5 other than these guys?

Comment below and chime in!

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  • Insider Steve

    I can’t exactly understand why you have Jason Veritek as your honorable mention? Yes he was a #1 draft pick of ours, but he never played one game in a Mariners uniform. 

    Mark Langston could very well be our second greatest Mariner ever drafted. There is an argument that can be made for A-Rod, but Langston was arguably the best pitcher in A.L. for a 4 year period at one point. He should be 2nd or 3rd.

    Tino shouldn’t even be on this list. Yes, he was in Seattle for 6 season, but be only started 4 of those seasons playing more then 140 games in only one season (1995). For a “power” hitter here was his numbers. .265/.334/.404/.831, 88 HR, 312 RBI. Not good enough for me at least to be on this list.

    Again, maybe this list is more personal then subjective, but to Dave Henderson so high on this list when he should’ve just been an honorable mention, is beyond me. .257/.317/.433/.750, 79 HR, 241 RBI in 6 Mariners seasons….

    Here a few honorable mentions that go back to the old Mariners days

    Harold Reynolds – Draft year – 1980 – In 10 full seasons as a Mariners Reynolds had a line of .260/.326/.345/.671, 228 SB, 1063 Hits. All-Star in 87-88

    Jim Presley – Draft year – 1979 – In 6 full seasons as a Mariner (same as Tino and Hendu) Presley had a line of .250/.293/.426/.719, 115 HR, 418 RBI. All-Star 1986

    Last, but not least

    Alvin (Mr. Mariner) Davis – Draft year – 1982 – In 8 full seasons as a Mariner Davis had a line of .281/.381/.453/.834, 160 HR, 834 RBI

    If this was my list it would look

    1. Junior
    2. A-Rod
    3. Langston
    4. A.D.
    5. Presley

    Honorable mention. Harold Reynolds

    Just my thought

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