The Top Five Busts in Seattle Mariners History

It’s fun to look back on a franchise’s greatest players but it’s also fascinating to examine the biggest flops.

Who are the top five biggest FLOPS in Seattle Mariners history?

1. Jeff Clement

The Mariners selected Clement third overall in the 2005 draft, believing he’d be not simply their next great star, but their greatest offensive catcher ever. After a great nine-game cup of coffee in 2007, he batted .227 with five homers in 66 games with Seattle in 2008.

The team eventually traded him to Pittsburgh.

2. Ryan Anderson

He was supposed to be a Randy Johnson type but injuries ruined his velocity and he never got past Triple-A Tacoma. He retired in 2005.

3. Richie Sexson

The big fella put together big years for Seattle power-wise in 2005 and 2006 but was a nightmare in his last two years with the club, hovering around the Mendoza line. Relative to expectations, he was a bust.

4. Rich Aurilia

This is one of those signings that no Seattle fan wanted – but the Mariners went ahead and did it anyway. Aurilia only had a handful of good seasons in and most of them were simply the result of hitting in front of Barry Bonds in San Francisco.

He hit .241 in just 73 games as a Mariner.

5. Jeff Weaver

Boy oh boy, was Weaver ever a disaster. He managed to keep an ERA above 10.00 for his first eight starts as a Seattle Mariner.

He finished the 2007 season 7-13, “lowering” his ERA to 6.20

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