State Of The Mariners – The 3 Options for Seattle This Offseason

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As General Manager Jack Z enters his third season with the Mariners, fans are hoping to see whatever plan he has developed to take the next step.


Most fans and sports announcers alike interpret the next step to be the signing of a big name free agent like Prince Fielder.

This seems to be more of an urgent need as the AL West Rivals signed their own power bat in Albert Pujouls.  There is no question that picking up Prince would be a welcome addition to the Mariners line up.

Where the question lies is if the Mariners can afford to pay Prince what his agent wants for him.

The opening day roster for the Mariners was valued at $84,865,600 which was 18th in the league.  Since that time the Mariners dropped Milton Bradley, David Aardsma, Jack Cust, Adam Kennedy, Aaron Laffey, Chis Ray and Louis Rodriguez which frees up around 21 Million in payroll.

That would be around what the asking price is speculated for Prince, but Felix Hernandez, Miguel Olivo, Franklin Gutierez and Brendan Ryan are all set to take significant raises plus the salary increases offered to the players in arbitration conservatively will total about 16 Million when it is all said and done.

This leaves the M’s with about 5 million to play with if they were expecting to be about the same level for payroll this next season.

5 Million is not going to get a high end free agent.  Heck in this league it may not get you more than a box of bats. After all, the Yankees spent almost 200 Million last year.

Who wants to come play with Seattle when they could be making big bucks on the east coast?

Here are the options the Mariners have…

1. Increase the payroll

This would require that the ownership gives Jack Z more to work with.  I don’t think that 100 Million would be outside the realm of possibility,  this could get the M’s to be floating around an extra 20 Million mark.  Of course they can’t just get Prince.

Jack Zduriencik & Eric Wedge

State Of The Mariners - December 16th Edition

The team has expressed interest in more starters, veteran bullpen presence, a back up shortstop and the possibility of adding to an already full competition in the outfield and at 3rd base.

2. Trade Felix

Felix is the face of the franchise and no one wants to see him go, however if Jack cant get the money he needs to compete with the Angels who will be sitting at a payroll of 180 million, he could be forced to move a big piece to free up funds.

This could get him a major league ready bat and several pitchers that could make up for the loss of their ace.

However, this is not likely

3. Recruit leadership

Instead of going after a solo bat, the M’s could be looking just to continue with the development of their youth movement by bringing in a few player/coach types that could bring some much needed experience to the club.

These moves aren’t sexy though and could drive more fans away from the ball park this summer.

Although if the team wins more people will come if Prince is there or not.

Remember that money doesn’t mean you can buy wins.  The Tampa Bay Rays 2011 Opening Day Roster was valued at 29th in the league at 41,932,171.  Less than half that of the M’s.  And Tampa made it to the playoffs.

This shouldn’t make sense, yet it happened.

Wins are not tied to money, although it helps.

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  • Korz95

    I think if you don’t sign Prince, then trade Felix… but not now. With your fans not going to games and the King’s Corner making money for the M’s. No way they trade Felix.

  • nextgm

     What is with this, if you don’t sign Prince trade Felix? Are you people crazy? Felix is young, he is a mariner and he wants to be a mariner. If you look at our roster of young guys around Felix you’ve got to feel good about our future. This team is improving and maturing. Sure we will need some veteran leaders and maybe another bat or two, but that will come. I don’t think we should spend our money on one big name player for sake of spending money on a big name. We still have few holes to fill, but lets do it the right way.
     Not everybody that is on the roster is going to be a star, we all know that. We are building a competetive team with young talent. A team that will be good for years to come.
      I think Felix understands and knows whats around the corner. This isn’t a wait till next year team. This is a lets get to know these guys team, because they are the nucleus of the team that will win the division in 3 years.
     Bavasi left our team in debt and our farm system in shambles. And even though I want Jacks job, I don’t think I could have done any better rebuilding the system.
     Now I ask? Support these gus, most of them could be here for a long time. GO MARINERS!

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