Seattle Mariners winter meetings and roster review

This team is still not complete

With the blockbuster Mariners signing of Robinson Cano official, Corey Hart on board, and the acquisition of twitter extraordinaire Logan Morrison (I heard he can play baseball too) from the Marlins it certainly has been a busy couple of weeks for Seattle.

But they’re still not done I would have to say.  Here’s a quick look at my new projected lineup, bench and pitching staff.


     Bats        Position               Name   

  1.             S              RF                           Abraham Almonte
  2.             L              3B                           Kyle Seager
  3.             L              2B                           Robinson Cano
  4.             R             DH                          Corey Hart
  5.             L              LF                            Logan Morrison
  6.             S              1B                           Justin Smoak
  7.             L              CF                           Dustin Ackley
  8.             R             C                             Mike Zunino
  9.             S              SS                           Nick Franklin

I’m assuming a couple of things with this lineup card.

1.  Justin Smoak will remaining a Mariner.  I’ve only seen one report that suggests Smoak is being shopped.  All the others say he’s staying.  I tend to side with the majority and quite frankly I think Smoak staying makes more sense.

3.  The M’s don’t make any other moves for starting bats this offseason.

2.  The M’s will move Brad Miller out of town, to AAA, or to the bench and Nick Franklin, who is capable, will be the regular at short.   You can debate me on Miller vs. Franklin here.

Speaking of the bench, here’s what I’ve got.


Bats         Position                Name

That’s a huge amount of balance and versatility coming off the bench.  The only thing I question here right now is Jesus Montero.  I can easily see the M’s signing a veteran backstop to backup Mike Zunino and having Montero figure himself out in AAA for a while.

So far I’ve used 13 of 25 roster spots which leaves me 12 pitchers, 5 of which are starters


The 5th spot in the starting rotation is still an interesting story.  Rumors persist about the M’s dealing for David Price but I just don’t get that move when the starting price for Price is Taijuan Walker and the Ray’s want more on top.

Erasmo Ramirez, Seattle Mariners

The 5th spot in the starting rotation is still an interesting story.

David Price is an excellent arm but he’s not going sign an extension in to stay in Seattle which means you have him for 2 years.

Taijuan Walker and say, Brad Miller, to rent him for two years is just too high of a price tag especially when I firmly believe that Walker will be a guy that turns into a #1 starter for just about any team two years from now.  The Mariners also control walker for 5 more seasons.

The Mariners would be wise to find a guy like they did a couple years ago in Kevin Millwood.   They need a serviceable veteran starter who can eat innings and throw .500 ball.  They don’t need another superstar in the rotation.  Hernandez and Iwakuma are both viable Cy Young candidates.

Paxton and Walker are young but both project at least as future #1 or #2 starters within a couple years.  Let them pitch!


Here’s the biggest weakness remaining with the Seattle Mariners for the 2014 season.  The M’s need a total of 7 relievers to round out their 25 man roster and I’m not sure they’ve got even half of them right now.

Typically in a bullpen you have 2 long relief guys, 4 setup guys, and a closer.

  • LR           R             Brandon Maurer
  • LR           L              Lucas Luetge
  • SU          R             Stephen Pryor
  • SU          R             Erasmo Ramirez
  • SU          L              Charlie Furbush
  • SU          R             Yoervis Medina
  • CL           L              Tom Wilhelmsen

This projection is what I think represents the best case scenario with the guys currently on the roster and there are huge question marks with this list.

Yoervis Medina is the only guy I’m really confident about on this list.  He’s shown he can be a great 8th inning type of guy.  The rest of them have issues…

Charlie Furbush has to stop allowing base runners, 75 walks and 173 hits allowed in 2013.

The closer, Tom Wilhelmsen, has to hopefully get his problems that seem to be from the neck up, straightened out.

Stephen Pryor has to be healthy enough to pitch. Lucas Luetge has to stay on the right side of the law.

Brandon Maurer, despite making the rotation out of spring training last year, proved unreliable and didn’t fare much better later in the year working out of the bullpen.  He would have to prove he’s ready for the majors.

Erasmo Ramirez has to stop giving up home runs.  He’s 23 and he’s given up 57 homers in his short career.

Danny Farquhar. Looked great in garbage time last year. What does he have in store for 2014?

 It still needs work Jack

Even if all these fancy new bats live up to their promise it’s not going to matter if the Mariners can’t hold a lead after the 7th inning. 

Watch for the M’s to make deals for relievers and a 2nd or 3rd tier starter before camp opens in February.


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