The 2012 Seattle Mariners week that was: Japan edition

Ichiro looks good in pink

Hello all, and welcome to the first edition of my new weekly column titled The Mariners: Week That Was.

This is going to be a fun column, with lots of laughs, I hope, and other good stuff. Normally it will be a top 10 list, a la David Letterman, but since this was a short week, I’m starting off with five.

So here goes. I hope you all enjoy it, our first Mariners week that was of the year.

#5: An Ichiro sighting

On autograph signing day, Michael Saunders was ready to give his autograph to a long line of fans, along with Munenori Kawasaki. But much to their surprise, Ichiro Suzuki walks up and is standing in line for autographs too.

Turns out it wasn’t the “real” Ichiro, just an Ichiro impersonator who was dressed in full Ichiro gear, wanting to get a laugh out of the two Mariners teammates. The pic is priceless though.

#4: Nothing like the background of Tokyo to say I love you

On Tuesday, Mariners short stop Brendan Ryan took his girlfriend to the top of the Mori Tower, and proposed to her. Now first off, isn’t the rule in baseball no wives and girlfriends?

And secondly, isn’t the rule in baseball no wives and girlfriends?

Lucky you’re fitting in Brendan, or I’m sure the boys would not stand for this sort of thing. The M’s have a hard enough time as it is, they don’t need your lovey-dovey antics to get in the way too.


M's in Japan. The week that was.

#3: Peguero makes the show

This is neither funny, nor amusing, but this is newsworthy and it happened this week, so I figured I better report it. On Thursday the M’s placed Mike Carp on the 15 day DL with a sprained shoulder. On the flip side, Carlos Peguero gets the call up to replace him.

This will give Peguero a shot a some decent game time though, and after his spring, I think this was the best call up option that Eric Wedge had at the moment.

#2: Forget who’s on first. Where’s the damn bullpen?

Whenever you travel to a different country, you have to get accustomed to their way of life.

Just like in “Mr. Baseball”, Tom Selleck’s character was appalled with the three rowed dugout, the same sort of thing happened in real life for the Mariners.

In Japan, the bullpen’s are actually under the stadium. The only view of the game they have is on a small little television set that sits in the room with them.

It looks almost like the indoor pitching area’s they have at the Peoria Sports Complex, where there are a bunch of mounds in a row like at a driving range.

 #1: Ichiro the fashionista

By now I’m sure you have all seen the picture of Ichiro sporting his pork pie, and pink rimmed glasses.

He kind of has a Brad Pitt look about him in this pic, or maybe that’s just because there is an Asian girl I mistook for one of Brangelina’s adopted kids.

Regardless, if Ichiro plays half as good as he dresses out of the number three spot this year, the M’s will all have reason to dress up come October.


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  • Boy, sounds like it was the Ichiro show in Tokyo. Wonder how his teammates feel about starting off the season like that…

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