The Round Up! What we’ve learned about the Mariners in spring training

2012 Spring Training gives glimpse into future of M’s

There are lots of reports coming up from the Mariners training facility in Peoria this spring, from injuries to batting order changes.  Filtering through the news here are some things that we have learned about the Mariners 2012 season since Spring Training started.

1.    This is a team

When the Mariners arrived in Arizona to start spring training they found an orange t-shirt hanging in their locker as a tribute to their teammate Greg Halman who was killed tragically during the offseason.  This touching gesture was not carried out by the front office, but by one of the players Mike Carp.

For too long the Mariners have not played with a sense of comradely leading to arguments on and off the field and players working more for their own value as opposed to the teams greater good.

The fact that the M’s players have such deep conviction for each other is encouraging, even if the situation that highlighted it is an atrocity.

2.    Eric Wedge is more than a manager

The Mariners have had plenty of managers since Lou Pinella left the organization, but they have not had a man on the field who was a leader.

With the announcement that Ichiro would be moved out of the lead-off spot, followed by an obvious buy-in from the superstar in his batting stance shows that Wedge is not MERELY a baseball manager, but a leader of men.

This is exactly what the Mariners need to succeed in their rebuilding process.

3.    There is an air of the young and the restless

The M’s have 67 players in their big league camp this spring with few that have any significant amount of Major League service time.  This shows that the M’s are really following through on the plan to rebuild into a long term threat in the A.L. West.

Mariners Spring Training Analysis

The M’s have 67 players in their big league camp this spring.

While there is a lot of untested talent, the potential is through the roof.  The restlessness comes from the competitive feeling that comes through having so many good players in every position.

It is exciting to speculate at which unknown prospects who may one day be household names across the entire MLB.  It WILL happen.

4.    Baseballs are going, going, gone

The Mariners offensive efforts have been embarrassing to fans over the past few years and frustrations lead to the most dismal attendance record at ever at Safeco field.

Seeing the Mariners trade away a dominate pitching arm for a right handed power hitter was a sign that the front office has hope of changing the way Mariners baseball is perceived.

The middle of the order is looking much more solid than last season and there has yet to be a single pitch thrown.

It looks as though Michael Saunders may even still have a pulse.

5.    It’s time to follow the leader

A lot of the onus of the team falls on the club’s veterans such as Felix Hernandez and Ichiro Suzuki to be leaders and mentors to the youngsters joining the team.

The stuff that happens in the clubhouse is a needed component to a team performing well.  The M’s have brought in a few other players who may be at the end of their careers but work as a playing coach.

Once these young players are experienced enough to fly solo, then the M’s can truly pursue and coax the big name free agent into their lineup.

This will still be a difficult year to watch, but there is a lot to be hopeful about.

The future is friendly.


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  • nextgm

     Good job Danny! This team is being built for the long haul. However I don’t agree with you on this year being difficult to watch. I think it will be a very interesting year watching these guys grow. You never know, one or two more years and we may be ready for the big piece of the puzzle. Then the sky is the limit!
     I honestly believe if Jack keeps aquiring talent like he has and they mature the way we hope they will, I’m not going to get my chance to be the NEXT GM.  Go Mariners!

    • Thanks buddy.  To be honest I like baseball, so win or lose I like to watch.  What is painful is to see these guys not live up to what they are capable of.  These are growing pains, so they hurt, but they promise something bigger and better.

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