Mariners Welcome Back George: Theres an Old Sheriff in Town…

Welcome Back

Have you ever watched those movies where an old law man retires and is looking forward to a life without all the action and drama only to have to come in later in the film to rescue the guy that has taken his place?

Well that is what it seems like Seattle is doing with signing long lost George Sherill.

The Mariners finalized a deal today that brings the lost prospect back as a washed up veteran.

However, the Mariners don’t really need his arm as much as they need his presence.

The whole of the Mariner team is young.  And despite so many fans desperately wanting the big time free agent to sign in Seattle, the youth movement does have priority for Jack Z and Eric Wedge.

This should ultimately prove to be a good thing, although painful for fans in the process.

Here are some things that Sherill brings to the pen.

1. Swagger

What young guys out of the pen generally lack is confidence to face all names that the face.

It would be hard to see one of your childhood heroes standing 60 feet away from you ready to crush the ball you throw out of the park.  Sherill on the other hand at one point trade marked his nick name “The Brim Reaper”.

Thats swagger.

2. Situational Awareness

Relievers are brought in when the starters have made a mess that they can’t clean up.  Having worked out of the pen for his entire career, Sherill has seen it all.  He can help prepare guys to face any situation they might get called into.

George Sherrill

The Seattle Mariners don't really need his arm as much as they need his presence.

If I could give you good examples, maybe the M’s would have called me instead, I’m a year younger than Sherill for goodness sakes.

3. Sentiment Over Actual Skill

The Mariners lost out big time in the trade that lost Sherill and Adam Jones to Baltimore in 2007-08 off season.  Bedard was loved but was never who the M’s hoped he would be.  Jones and Sherill both took off and Sherill ended up even making an all start appearance in 08.

Bringing him back is a bit of justice that fans need in sentiment.

The problem is that it has been five year and he simply is not the same baseball player he used to be.

In 2010 it looked as though Sherill’s career was done, in fact he was even released by the Dodgers on waivers, but he managed to stay in the big leagues and had a decent year for the braves in 2011, posting an even 3.00 ERA in 36 innings pitched.

However, skill is a big question mark.  Sherill is actually a very good fielder, so if he doesn’t work out on the mound he could be in contention for some time at third base (insert snicker here).

Who knows though, his arm may be a pleasant surprise.

We need more of those.


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