Mariners sign super-sub Willie Bloomquist

Just hit the snooze button M’s fans

So I awoke late on Monday from my self-induced turkey coma to the new that Mariners General Manager Jack Zduriencik has made his first offseason move in prelude of the 2014 Seattle Mariners campaign.

The Mariners have signed utility infielder Willie Bloomquist.  Whoopty doo!

If you are sensing sarcasm in my words you would be correct.  But before I tell you why I am extremely underwhelmed by this move let me assure you of one thing.

It’s not because I don’t like Willie Bloomquist.

Bloomquist is a great type of player to have on your roster.  Any baseball fan should know that you need that super-sub guy.  He’s that guy that can play virtually any position to give your regular guys a day off here and there.

When you have one guy that can sub every position on the field it gives you the opportunity to have additional pieces on your bench or in your bullpen that can help you down the stretch.  Bloomquist can play solid defense at every position on the diamond with the possible exception of catcher.

Bloomquist could be the 2014 Mariners Mclemore.  No, not the rap star Macklemore.  I’m talking about former M’s super sub Mark Mclemore.

In 2001 Mclemore played in a 116 win season and he did so playing different positions almost every time he took the field. 

That’s what Willie Bloomquist can bring to this Mariner’s team in 2014.

The Bloomquist signing, is uninteresting and ill timed.

The Bloomquist signing, is uninteresting and ill timed.

As much as I think Willie Bloomquist can really help a team win I just find this signing, uninteresting and ill-timed.

The Mariners have far greater needs than a utility infielder.  They need a starting pitcher or two, a closer, and anybody that can hit .300 while playing 150 games in year regardless of the position they might play.

So while other teams are signing starters, closers, and negotiating deals with the best hitters what does Jack Z do?

He signs a utility infielder.

Pardon me if I hit the snooze button.

This is just yet another classic example of a baseball move made by an organization that’s goal is to try to appease a few fans and keep the bottom line tidy.  Bloomquist’s deal is reportedly for 2 years and $6 million.

In baseball terms, that’s cheap and as much as I like Bloomquist as a role player he’s just not a guy you build a lineup around.

Jack Zduriencik, Chuck Armstrong, and Howard Lincoln are quite transparently attempting to appease a few fans by bringing back a former M’s player that was somewhat popular in his prime when he played in Seattle.

Willie Bloomquist played with the M’s from 2002-2008.  Willie hit .317 for Arizona last year but while only playing in 48 games.   Now at 36 years old, that’s about the most I think you can expect from the guy.

36 year olds just don’t suddenly start playing more and hitting better.

Granted it’s early in the offseason.  A lot of names are off the board already but most are still on it.  The M’s need to get on it.

Signing Bloomquist or a player like him could have easily been done right up until the last minute.   Getting Bloomquist now is a perfect example of putting the cart before the horse.  Bloomquist completes a team.

He backs up All-star infielders of which the Mariners currently have none.

Jack Z needs to realize this before the season starts or we might see a worn out Willie Bloomquist struggling to play in his 80th game of the year in mid July and that formula won’t appease anyone anymore.


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