Which 5 Mariners are likely to be wearing a different uniform this year

Lets make a deal

There is no doubt that now as the season has surpassed the 50 game mark, the Seattle Mariners front office is in overdrive looking for deals to be made to take the next step in the rebuilding process.

When it comes to the trade deadline, teams that feel they have a real shot at the playoffs will sacrifice the future of the club for a chance to get their hands on a trophy.

That being the case, those teams are going to look for players that will make an immediate difference.

Looking at the M’s roster, unlike in years past there isn’t a lot there to entice a team to give up a high profile prospect for.

Here are the most likely trade candidates

Brendan Ryan

Brendan Ryan is in his second year of a two year contract with the Mariners.  His bat has been disappointing, but his defense and situational awareness are second to none in the league.

A playoff bound team could carry his low batting average for the sake of his leather.  The M’s have Muneori Kawasaki who is very similar to Ryan who could play for the rest of this year until the M’s find their short stop of the future.

In my opinion though the M’s won’t trade him. Ryan is a clubhouse leader and a great veteran presence.  He fits well with the young team.  Trading him would be a bigger loss than his defense.

Kevin Millwood

My guess is that this the M’s favorite trade in the works.  They have little invested in him and a lot to gain if he can keep throwing the ball well.  Teams are more likely to jump and add a mid-level veteran than a high level prospect for play in October.

Veterans keep a calmer head in the midst of the high pressure situations of the pennant race. Kevin Millwood could very well be gone.

Blake Beavan

I think the M’s see Beaven having a role again next year

Blake Beavan

I would legitimately be surprised if the M’s actually move Blake Beavan, but he does have some great control that could play well in a team with a good offense to back him up.

I think the M’s see Beavan having a role again next year, but with some high profile pitchers coming up the ladder the M’s should consider what they could get for Beavan come trade deadline time.

Shawn Kelley

Shawn Kelley is a good pitcher with an unfortunate history of injury.  A team taking Kelley would be taking a risk to be sure, but he has a strong arm out of the pen that could tip the scales slightly in some of those close races that are bound to happen.

Jason Vargas

Vargas carries the most value out of any other tradable player on the team.  The M’s wont trade their ace, but they could be in a spot to move their number two man, especially with the strong left handed Danny Hultzen on the radar.

Vargas has additional value in his offensive capabilities which make him an attractive pick up to a national league team.

The real question will be in what these other teams will be willing to give up for the chance at a strong and consistent southpaw. 

There would have to be some clear wins for the M’s to move Vargas.

Chone Figgins

There are suitors out there but nobody is going to trade for him because of his contract unless he’s proving something. He’s owed $15 million still. If you cut him you still pay $15 million dollars.

The Mariners can’t up his trade value with him sitting on the bench. I doubt if anyone would pay the M’s anything to help out the contract issues.

Teams are lining up if he is indeed cut, to get him on the cheap. Someone out there thinks he’d make a decent utility player for a playoff run.

Any other names you are thinking right now are not likely to happen so get it out of your mind.  Or comment now and when you are proven right you can come back to this post and say I told you so.

I can take it.


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  • It’s NOT the players where the utter failure of the Mariners lies it completely falls on Wedge’s shoulders, the constant revolving door in the batting order & at certain positions for the better part of 1-1/2 years is troubling for the young players. In order for a player to develop they REQUIRE playing time and these young kids just aren’t getting enough playing time. The constant change of the order is crystal clear to ANY knowledgeable baseball person that Wedge has NO Clue who is supposed to be where & when IF he hasn’t figured out by now where/when a player hits HE NEVER WILL. Baseball is NO different than any other team sports, you wouldn’t have your 9’~10″ guy as your point guard nor your 5’~5″ guy starting at center, Saunders, Liddi, Figgins, Jaso, Seager, Ryan aren’t leadoff hitters, Ackley has done a good job but he IMO is a natural #2 hitter, I’m so accustom with Ichiro leading off & it made me sick that Figgins weasled his way there this year (OF course that didn’t work out to good). Ichiro is going into the HOF and his career has been in the leadoff spot, FOR A REASON!! Wedge is a guy who will tinker about with something, takes it apart and can’t remember, and doesn’t have the skill to figure out, how to put it back together and make it work. IchiroRF, Ackley2B, Seager3B, JasoC/DH, MonteroC/DH, Liddi1B, Wells/CarpLF, Saunders/GutiCF, KawasakiSS~~~then LEAVE IT ALONE!! I said it last year & the start of this year, the M’s can acquire EVERY HOFer at EVERY position in their prime and Wedge WILL STILL find a way to lose the game. #FIREWEDGE

  • Wedlo

    Danny do you know nothing about baseball and trades? Come on get it right just once. Maybe one of those fella may be traded. We have a loaded farm system and we are just waiting for the fruit to get ripe and we then will win every year for a long time. Our infield should not be broken up at all and we are capable of hitting AKA last night. Stop being that guy who cannot wait for a winner to appear and just keep cheering are boys on.

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