Moments in Time: Seattle Mariners 100 game winners

Short list of legends

Felix Hernandez joined some pretty impressive company in late April this season. After a few failed attempts, King Felix earned his 100th career victory – all with the Seattle Mariners. While it seems that number should be a lot higher, Felix has done the best he could with the supporting cast around him.

And while Felix has many more victories to come, we can relish in the history he has made so far in Seattle. By earning his 100th victory, the King joined 2 Mariner legends in the process.

If you know the Mariners, you know who I’m talking about.

Let’s break down the milestone, shall we?

Felix Hernandez

For current Mariner fans, there is no bigger player than Felix Hernandez. He is the team’s ace and the city’s pride. He is one of the lone superstars to come to this city who WANTS to stay. In doing so, he brings his personal glory to us fans.

King Felix’s personal glory includes 103 wins and a perfect game. It includes a Cy Young award and a Grand Slam in his only at bat in 2008. It includes 1551 career strike outs.

If that wasn’t enough, he’s posted 6 double digit win seasons in his 8 full season in Seattle and has a career record of 103-79. Consider the lineup he’s had to work with vs the lineups the next guy on this list had when he pitched for the Mariners.

If those aren’t numbers to be proud of, I don’t how it could get any better. For Felix AND for Mariner fans.

Randy Johnson, Seattle Mariners

Randy Johnson was the first Mariners 100 game winner

Jamie Moyer

In 9 full seasons and 2 partial seasons as a Mariner, Jamie Moyer racked up a team record 191 wins. While he benefited greatly from a dominant Mariners lineup in the team’s “glory years,” Moyer managed to make the best of his perfect situation.

The proud owner of an 81 MPH fastball, Moyer started the inaugural game at Safeco Field and began it in style – throwing a first pitch strike against the San Diego Padres. He’s only the 2nd Mariner in history with a 20 win season, notching two of them (20-2001, 21-2003.)

Whether you love him or hate him, Jamie Moyer is a Mariner legend. And Felix still needs 88 more wins as a Mariner to catch him.

Randy Johnson

The Big Unit is a legend in these parts for his time with the Mariners despite his post-Seattle glory. A catalyst of the famed 1995 team, Johnson rode that season’s glory to the AL Cy Young Award with an 18-2 record.

He was the only Mariner to win the award before Felix Hernandez surprisingly won it in 2010.

We remember the 160 pitch game, the All Star game where he threw over John Kruk’s head, the exploding bird, the 308 strikeout season and the most clutch relief performance in Mariners history to knock the Yankees out of the playoffs.

Before he was Randy Johnson to the rest of the MLB, he was the Big Unit to the rest of us in Seattle.


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