Seattle Mariners’ Kyle Seager Continues To Impress

M’s 3rd Baseman Shining Bright

The MLB draft has to be the least predictable of the four major professional sports.  In the NFL, NBA, and the NHL, a first round draft pick is far more likely to find a reasonable amount of success in their chosen sport.  In baseball, even the top picks don’t pan out nearly as often they fail.

The Seattle Mariner’s Kyle Seager is a shining example of this fact.  Seager was taken as the 2nd pick of the 3rd round, of the 2009 MLB draft and only one guy taken ahead of Seager in any round of that draft has a higher WAR than Seager’s today.

The guy?  Mike Trout who has a 31.4 WAR compared to Seager’s 15.0.  And Trout still had 24 guys picked ahead of him!

Lots of guys were picked well ahead of Kyle and were supposed to have far greater careers.

The M’s own Dustin Ackley was the 2nd overall pick in that same draft.  Ackley was 2nd to a guy named Stephen Strasburg.

The M’s had a 2nd pick in that same first round too.

Pick #27 was used by the Mariners in the first round to draft Nick Franklin who is hitting about .160 now for Tampa Bay and who’s key error this week loaded the bases in prelude of a Kyle Seager grand slam.

How’s that for irony?

So, if the MLB draft is nothing more than a crap shoot, how did the M’s wind up with a gem in the 3rd round?  I wish I could answer that question because then I’d be the best scout in baseball or maybe even a GM.

However he wound up here, I’m glad Kyle is wearing blue and teal.  His numbers have been about as consistent as they get.  Check out these numbers by year.

Kyle Seager

Kyle Seager has been brilliant from day one.

2011 .258 .691 13 3 13
2012 .259 .738 35 20 86
2013 .260 .764 32 22 69
2014 .268 .788 27 25 96
2015 .281 .825 9 9 29

How much more consistent can these numbers get?

If anyone was still doubting the $100 million contract the Mariners threw at Seager this offseason just take a look at this chart.

Rarely can you find someone with their first four years in the league with numbers this consistent.

I’ll one up the opinions on that deal.  Right now, $100 million seems like a steal especially when you consider this is a guy who had not played 3rd base much at all prior to his call up in 2011.

Oh, and he plays 3rd defensively at an All-Star level as well.

The M’s have a 3-4-5 punch in their lineup with Robinson Cano, Nelson Cruz and Seager that if finally firing consistently on all cylinders.  The M’s haven’t seen a lineup like this since the days of a 2-3-4 that went A-Rod, Griffey, and Edgar.

And the amazing thing is that Seager won’t make it to the All-Star team as a starter.

Just like last year, Josh Donaldson, is out pacing Seager with an average over .300 and into double digits for homers.  Donaldson does have 3 more errors (7) than Kyle (4) but I don’t see it as enough of a defensive lapse to get Seager the starting job in July.

Hopefully Kyle will still make the team as a bench player.  He’s been brilliant, deserving and he came from seemingly nowhere in the fog bank that is the MLB draft.

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