Did the Mariners Felix Hernandez get a pity vote to the All Star team?

The lone all star

The Lone Ranger spent his life with his trusty steed Silver and his faithful friend Tonto traveling from village to village solving the problems that no one was capable of solving for themselves.

I bet there were times when he was riding off into the sunset he would lean over to his travel companion and complain about how lazy people were and how he had to do all the work himself.

I bet there will be similar conversations between Felix Hernandez and his all-star teammates in the American League locker room in Kansas City.

Can’t you just hear the conversation between Felix and Adrian Beltre now? Of course it would probably be in Spanish so I wouldn’t understand it.

But I bet it would be epic.

I wonder if Beltre, a former Mariners player himself, will tell Felix he was just a pity selection to the All-Star team. After all the rules say that every team, if they deserve it or not, has to be represented.

How it works

The All Star position players are selected by the fans. No Mariners got in.

The All Star pitchers are player selected. No Mariners got in.

Then each manager gets to choose their “special players” Ron Washington picked Felix. Pity.

Does the entire league feel sorry for Felix Hernandez because he plays in Seattle? (photo

Why I think this was a pitty pick

I love Felix. He is a good pitcher. He is an all-star caliber pitcher, but so far this season he has not really been impressive.

His velocity is down, his control is spotty, he looks like he could have swallowed Ichiro and his endurance hasn’t been great.


Honestly I think that the baseball world pities Felix for being with the Mariners.

He was the first pitcher to get the Cy Young award with a terrible win loss record.

The crap factor of the M’s has helped to change the way awards are presented. At least the past decade of this team hasn’t gone completely for not.


Or… it is respect.

The fans are fickle. They turn on their heroes and the first sign a disappointment.

Felix has had a rough year, but he is still, by far, one of the best pitchers in the game. He believes in the team and the city.

He isn’t just in it for the big bucks. He seems to genuinely love being a part of the Mariners.

Stop it with the trade rumors and give the guy a chance to play for the Emerald city when they are good again.

It will happen.

Why I think he didn’t get voted in

The players are biased.

The votes are not represented by how good someone is, it is on a scale of who they saw pitch to them last, how good their memory is, and who they owe favors to.

I get the impression that Felix doesn’t play the politics game. For an elite player, that is rare and worthy of respect.

Plus, the managers are jealous.

I think that Ron Washington’s pick of Felix is more than pity. As a manager of a division rival, Washington has seen more of Felix than most.

His selection says – if I chose the teams, you would be one of mine kid.

That is respect.

So Felix – as a lifelong fan – you have my respect and thanks for being a fan alongside me.

Wear that Seattle uniform with pride.


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