Five reasons Happy Felix Day is my favorite day of the week

Long live the King

Once a week, barring injury, or weather disruptions, we get to marvel in the beauty of the beast when King Felix Hernandez takes the mound every five days for the Seattle Mariners.

There is nothing better than watching one of the games most dominant pitchers go to work on the opposing teams lineup. Especially when that pitcher is one of our own.

For that reason, I thought it would be fun to give all of you my five favorite reasons for Happy Felix Day. (#HappyFelixDay)

Feel free to leave a comment specifying your favorite reasons for Happy Felix Day as well. I would love to read them.

#5:  Seattleites look good in yellow

King’s Court, is hands down the best recurring night at Safeco Field. The section of yellow King’s Court shirts is quite impressive.  I just wish I could attend one of these games in person, instead of watching them on TV.

#4: I love the sideways ball cap

King's Court, Safeco Field, Seattle

King's Court is the best ticket in town (Photo Courtesy Joel Hawksley)

Every team needs an ace, and they need that ace to convey a bit of swagger when he steps on the mound. Felix Hernandez definitely is our staff ace, and he’s got a bit of swagger too.

With the middle of his ball cap bill directly over his left eye, the cockiness he displays is very apparent. Now I’m not confusing his cap with his blazing fast ball by any means, but whatever combination of the two that it is, it works wonders for his dominance on the mound.

#3: Win or lose, Felix comes to play

Take his last start for example, he goes strong into the eighth, turns it over to Brandon League with a one run lead, and sits back and watches his gem go to waste.

It’s not his fault though, the other two big name aces the M’s had during their prime had the same problem too. But no matter what, Felix takes the mound looking to dominate the opposing team, and get the M’s a win.

#2: King Felix unites a city

We all know that big names sell tickets, but they also help TV ratings too. With the lack of star power once again on this years squad, its no wonder the casual baseball fan only turns on the TV once a week.

But for that one day a week, people care about the Mariners. And not us die hards who care for all 162 mostly miserable games, but people who might take the family out to the game on a Friday night to watch Felix, instead of going to Grandma’s house for the weekend.

People who will bring out of town business clients to the ball park to marvel in the ace of Seattle. Even for the scenesters who just want to be seen at the place to be during one of the King’s Court sessions.

Whatever the reason, Felix Hernandez has the ability to make people care about the Mariners, people who normally could care less about baseball.

Felix Hernandez, Seattle Mariners

King Felix doesn't just throw fire, he even breathes it

#1: Dominance

Felix seldom get’s the run support that other ace pitchers get on a daily basis, and for that, his dominance is questioned by the powers that be on the east coast.

But not one of them can argue the fact that Felix goes out there every start and dominates the other team, gains a quality start, and racks up the K’s like the best in the game.

Sure the M’s lack the fire power of the Phillies, or Yankees, and put Felix on one of those teams and he wins over 20 games a year, every year!

I don’t want to upset any of you, even though I am getting quite good at it, but with that last sentence still lingering, I was asked what I thought the future will hold for Felix Hernandez.

And my answer is; unless the M’s can shore up some offensive talent that can and will produce on a regular basis, and on the same day for that matter, then Felix will bolt to the highest bidder when given the chance.

I don’t blame him at all either. It is like the situation in Phoenix with Steve Nash. A future hall of famer at the end of his career playing for a team that is going backwards. The Suns, like the Mariners are always promising better results without ever making good on the promise.

That team will never win a championship, yet they hold on to an unhappy Nash, with every day taking him farther and farther away from a championship. The same scenario is unfolding before our very eyes in Seattle.

Either get the talent we need, or start looking for Felix’s replacement now.


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