Seattle Mariners fantasy baseball stats & breakdown – Week 6

Who’s hot, who’s not?

The Seattle Mariners did a flip flop this week, playing the Tigers in Seattle and travelling to New York to take on the Bronx Bombers. Seattle took 2 of 3 from Detroit before giving away 2 of 3 to the Yankees.

With that being said, the Mariners are warming up slightly as a team. Power numbers are becoming more frequent and players are showing that being behind in games doesn’t faze them.

Justin Smoak was particularly hot this week, but only for the weekend.

He went 6 for 12 in the series against the Yankees, with 1 run and 2 RBIs on a homerun. Because of his terrible showing this season, I can’t even put him on my list so I listed him here in my introduction.

It’s an honorable mention of sorts, and one I was scared Smoak wouldn’t earn all year.

Let’s see who makes the list this week.

Who’s Hot

Kyle Seager – INF

Kyle Seager stayed productive, posting another .300+ average again this week. He played in 5 games this week, hitting safely in 4 of them. If he keeps this up, he will give the Mariners more than enough supporting evidence for getting rid of Chone Figgins for good.

This week’s stat line: 5 for 18, 1 Run, 3 RBIs with 2 doubles and a stolen base.

Jason Vargas- SP

Jason Vargas continues to be solid for the Mariners, conducting another Felix-like performance this week. He may be the #2 starter on the Mariners, but he is leading the team in wins (4) and is better than a lot of teams’ #1 pitchers right now.

This week’s stat line: 8 innings pitched giving up 5 hits, 1 run and striking out 6.

Keep An Eye On

Jason Vargas, Seattle Mariners

Jason Vargas continued to be solid this week

Jesus Montero – C/DH

Jesus Montero had a below average week. Although his numbers aren’t looking up, he is showing extreme potential that bodes well for the future of this franchise. He has proven he can step up when needed so far and could top this list in the near future if he starts producing more.

This week’s stat line: 3 for 21, 2 Runs, 2 RBIs with a double and a home run.

Dustin Ackley – 2B

Many people criticize Dustin Ackley right now for his slow start. He isn’t blowing anyone out of the water, but he is slowly improving. This week he made good contact at the plate and made the best of a pressuring situation.

This week’s state line: 6 for 20, 3 runs, 1 RBI with a double.

Who’s Cold

Chone Figgins – Util

There is not much I can say about Chone Figgins without breaking fundamental rules of fandom. He has literally batted himself out of the lineup every day and the vast majority of fans would gladly accept a jug of Gatorade or Sunflower seeds as payment from other teams interested in Figgins.

This week’s stat line: 0 for 1. Bye bye Figgins.

Brendan Ryan – SS

Brendan Ryan remains a fan favorite in Seattle and I’m starting to question why. He’s got great personality, but his ability at the plate has not been there for a single instance this season. He’s quickly falling out of favor and could be subject to demotion or waiver fodder if he doesn’t turn it around quickly.

Many people are calling for others to take over the position, with a big push for bringing up stellar prospect Nick Franklin.

Had it not been for Ryan’s defense, he may not still be in a Mariners uniform.

This week’s stat line: 2 for 18, 3 Runs, 1 RBI.


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