Seattle Mariners fantasy baseball stats & breakdown – Week 10

Who’s hot, who’s not?

The Seattle Mariners had a good week despite going 3-3 down the stretch. The Mariners managed to outscore their opponents 51-34 despite their record for the week. They are coming to life, folks.

Let’s see if they can continue this semi-hot streak into this next week.

If the bats stay alive, good things are bound to happen…right?

There were lots of good performances this week and not many bad ones. It feels good to finally say that.

Let’s see who makes the list this week.

Who’s Hot

Justin Smoak – 1B

Justin Smoak continued his tear this week, for the most part anyway. His bat is alive and if he continues to hit consistently, we could turn our hatred away from first base and place it elsewhere. Here’s to hoping he is here to stay.

If you have Smoak in any of your leagues, it may be wise to play him. Even if you have to squeeze him into a utility spot, he may be worth the risk to ride out his hot streak. Or you could get lucky and have a set 1b for the rest of the season.

This week’s stat line: 8 for 21 with 7 Runs,  8 RBI, 6 walks, 5 strike outs, 1 double, 3 home runs

Jesus Montero – C/DH

Jesus Montero has earned a step up in my lists. He has been consistent the last 3 weeks now. No, he isn’t going to hit for a stellar average, folks…he’s a catcher and DH. What he will give you, like he has been giving the Mariners are RBIs and home runs. Those are important as ever for the Mariners who traded for him to get a power hitter.

Montero may be worth starting if your current catcher isn’t a top notch stud. If not, he deserves a second thought for your utility spot.

This week’s stat line: 9 for 28 with 4 Runs,  5 RBI, 2 walks,  3 strike outs, 2 doubles, 1 home run

Keep An Eye On

Dustin Ackley – 2B

Jesus Montero, Seattle Mariners

Jesus Montero continues to produce runs

Dustin Ackley is still the best hitter on this team, in my opinion. Yes, he has hit some cold spots, but his season numbers show that he is on pace to put up better-than-average numbers for a 2B this season.

If he could only raise his average a little, he should be in contention to be talked about.

Ackley is a starter on any fantasy team, unless you have a top guy.

This week’s stat line: 6 for 20 with 6 Runs, 4 RBI, 5 strike outs, 6 walks, 2 doubles, 1 home run, 1 stolen base

Michael Saunders – OF

Michael Saunders has been on a mini tear since getting his chance to start this season. He started off cold, as you would expect, but has slowly warmed up since. In a week where the team did well overall, Saunders did his part to contribute to the fun.

While Saunders is not a starter by any stretch of the imagination, you might want him around as a filler on days off for other guys. Especially with waiver wires being so depleted this season with the rash of injuries in baseball.

This week’s stat line: 12 for 28 with 5 Runs, 3 RBI, 0 walks, 2 strike outs, 3 doubles, 1 home run, 1 stolen base

Who’s Cold

Alex Liddi – Inf

Alex Liddi started off on a tear, impressing people left and right. And while he was done enough to warrant still being on the team, his numbers are declining almost weekly.

His opportunities this season have been lessening due to his struggles. I could even see him being sent down to Tacoma for the likes of Vinnie Catricala or to allow Kyle Seager to keep 3rd base all to himself.

This week’s stat line: 2 for 9 with 1 Run, 1 RBI, 1 walk, 4 strike outs

Brendan Ryan – SS

The Brendan Ryan countdown has begun in Seattle. His playing time has diminished with every terrible at bat he produces.

Yes, he is the best defensive short stop in all of baseball but the Mariners don’t need defense right now. They need runs.

A short stop is supposed to get on base and to score. Ryan has lacked both of those traits for much of this season. It’s only a matter of time before we see prospect Nick Franklin take over the position for good.

This week’s stat line: 4 for 24 with 3 Runs, 3 RBI, 1 walk, 5 strike outs, 2 doubles, 1 triple, 2 stolen bases


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