Five big things to expect from the Mariners in 2012

Seattle Predictions

The Seattle Mariners are right in the midst of their organizational rebuilding process, which means that there is likely to be little difference between last year’s season and this one.

However, here are five things to look for to see that there is forward momentum in the franchise.

1. More Honesty.

Last year, as the M’s headed into spring training, General Manager Jack Z’s commercial aired equating a man getting a wax job to the pain of being a Mariners fan.

It was painful. 

This year rather than just poke fun at it, they are admitting that this year probably won’t be much better.

The honesty is good as it doesn’t treat fans like idiots and instead leaves the possibility of being surprised instead of disappointed.

2. More Consistency

The name of the game is going to be consistency this season for the Mariners: Consistency in the lineup, consistency in at-bats and consistency in competitive spirit.

I think that this approach will lead to a better offensive production, but not drastically so.

It boils down to two things: fewer strike outs and more runs.

3. More Risk

Wedge spent last season getting comfortable with his club and with his players.

He made a few moves here and there that showed his willingness to take risks. This season, expect him to pull out all the stops.

Eric Wedge

Wedge spent last season getting comfortable with his club and with his players.

This should get interesting. Players that don’t perform will be on the bench a lost faster this year.

4. More Development

The M’s are rebuilding and as such they will continue to move players up from the minor leagues.

Dustin Ackley and Kyle Seager are really only the first glimpse of the draft picks that  Jack Zduriencik has signed.

It will be good to see the next round of rookies.

5. More Changes

Looking for 2012 Mariners predictions? It really is unpredictable what will happen when mid-season comes around, but I would expect the M’s to be major players in the trade market yet again trying to add depth to their team at every position.

Last year they were especially weak at catcher.

Now they have a major competition at that position.

Next up…Short stop?

Only time will tell.


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