Dear Jack Z please let Kendrys Morales walk

Bye Bye Kendrys

This is going to be one very interesting off-season for the Seattle Mariners.  Pressured to win by his own 1 year deal and with extra cash from new TV deals plus the lack of a Chone Figgins contract still on the books, Jack Zduriencik has money burning a hole in his pocket.

Here’s what he needs to do with his stack of cash in my open letter to Jack.

Dear Jack,

Kendrys Morales has turned down your qualifying offer.  You’ve got your precious draft pick.

But please Jack, for the love of all baseball gods should you choose to believe in them… DO NOT re-sign Kendrys Morales with a multi-year deal.

I’m sure many of you are already typing up the tweet or email telling me I’m nuts but I’m serious.  I don’t care if he was the Mariner’s leading hitter last year.

Our leading hitter last year hit .277!

Have expectations really dropped that low in Seattle?  Since when is signing a guy who hits in the .270 range and can’t play defense worth a you know what considered some sort of franchise savior signing?

Michael Morse, Kendrys Morales, Seattle Mariners

Dear Jack – Let Morales Walk

The Seattle Mariners need to get BETTER and they have to aim higher and have greater expectations.

So who do I want them to sign?

Well, that’s in interesting debate because quite frankly, I’m not that excited about any of the free agents out there outside of Robinson Cano who I’m pretty sure will stay in New York.

But why not make some serious noise about it anyway Jack?

Be bold Jack!  Call a press conference and publicly state that the Mariners want to bring Robinson Cano to the Seattle Mariners.  Find out what Cano’s price is and come close to it.

Lobby for him through your other players.  Have Felix call him.  Have Kuma call him.  Take Lloyd with you and go have dinner with him and his agent Scott Boras.

This is not a time to hide in the corner.  Be public and wide open about it.

The Seattle Mariners need to punch their way off the ropes!

Even if you don’t wind up signing Cano you still win because you’ll drive the price up on the Yankees.  They love to overpay when they sense someone is after one of their guys.  They really don’t want to have to throw another A-Rod type of deal down on the table to keep their guy.

Make them do it!

Who else?  You can’t stop there.

Let’s assume the Yankee’s balk and you actually can sign Cano for second here Jack.  Now go get the biggest starting pitcher on the market Ervin Santana.

Yes, maybe Matt Garza is just as good but I think going after Santana will ruffle the feathers of division foe the Anaheim Angels.

The strategy is the same.  You want him and you aren’t afraid to say so.  Make a big offer.  Santana is rumored to be looking for $100 million so get close.  Offer him 4 years and $90 million.  At least drive the market up for Rangers and the Dodgers.

Tell Felix to go workout with Santana someplace.  Call a press conference.  Be a vocal GM for the first time in your life.

This is your last chance Jack.

Go down in a blaze of glory if you have to fail because if you fail this season, you may not sit in the GM’s chair ever again after 2014.

Who knows, you might just get lucky if you take a chance for once.


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  • Bob Bee

    There is no logic at all with Jack. Just at the mess last year during free agency. The signing of Harang after the season starting (after EVERY team passed on him) and giving him 6 million to lose more than every other game and then releasing him and probably paying the majority of the remainder of his contract, well, and the Morse signing equaling snot, well, well well…Tell Jack the opposite of what you want, and then and maybe then he’ll do it. Otherwise he’s in a permanent state of vertigo. YIKES from a decades long Mariner’s fan 🙁 TOTAL sadness and disgust!

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