My oh My! Top play of the week for the Seattle Mariners (video)

He can still flash the leather

Not a lot has been said about Chone Figgins in a positive manner this season, or any other since he has been a member of the Seattle Mariners.

But on Saturday afternoon he kept a ball inside the park and saved the Mariners lead, if only for the time being.

The series didn’t exactly end up where the M’s would have like it to, dropping all three games by 1 run each, but defensive plays like this one prove the team hasn’t given up yet.

As we sit 9 games out of the Wild Card race going into Monday (the last week of August), crunch time is officially upon us if we want to gain ground not only in the AL West, but the AL Wild Card race as well.

The White Sox have been a tough team to face for the M’s this year, and this weekend series in the Windy City was no different.

Coming off of a season high 8 game winning streak, there was plenty of momentum heading in.

But that momentum has now left us. Making this series in Minnesota that much more important for our post season dreams.

But, heres my analysis of the video. A Chone Figgins masterpiece.

The pitch

With the M’s holding a 3-1 lead early in the game, Blake Beavan threw a 90 mph fastball high on the outside corner of the plate.

Well at least we got one great catch out of this terrible signing!

Adam Dunn wasn’t fooled one bit, in fact, that is the exact location where he can do the most damage with.

90 mph isn’t exactly blowing it by anyone at this level.

A high fast ball which a power hitter like Dunn can get a little loft under it, and this pitch location can spell disaster in an instant.

And it almost did too.

Figgins tracks it

With the pitched being drilled to straight away center field being the best possible location for this hit, Figgins was able to pick it up early, and track it all the way to the wall.

Nothing flashy here, just a veteran player chasing it down at the track, and making a little bunny hop to get his glove up over the wall at the exact moment that ball got there.

This may or may not have been a homerun, but to me, it looks like it would’ve cleared the fence, giving the White Sox 2 runs, and a tie ball game.

Almost got two

Figgins then had the wherewithal to then turn and fire a bullet to Justin Smoak to try and double up the baserunner who probably thought this one was gone too.

It’s a very long throw from the 400 mark in center, all the way back to the bag at first.

The throw was a little off line, but kudos to Figgins for getting it back in quickly enough to make the Sox sweat a bit.

As mentioned above, the M’s went on to lose the game, but this truly was a remarkable play from a guy who doesn’t get out in the field very much.

If I were Figgins, I don’t know how I could pull off this kind of professionalism knowing that the team that signs my paycheck doesn’t really want me.

Maybe it’s an audition for his next team. Hell, I’d even make a trade with theDevil (the Angels) to get this guy out of town.

But at least he’s still giving it his all for us.

Here is a link to the video at


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