Mariners 10-game Catcus League winning streak snapped

Seattle 6 – 7 Milwaukee

The recent news coming out of the Seattle Mariners‘ camps was that everything was going according to plan, and then some. In fact, the Mariners had rattled off 10 straight victories in the Cactus League after dropping their first contest of the year.

During that time frame, Seattle launched 24 home runs. For comparison purposes, last year they hit 28 total home runs throughout the course of spring training.

Using a mix of pitching and timely hitting to overcome their opponents, the Mariners are already showing that they may be quite the nice surprise pick in 2013. That being said, this is spring training we are talking about. As of right now there are countless players that are playing for- and against- Seattle that will not see any big league action in 2013.

From opposing pitchers that may not have the right stuff to opposing hitters that can’t put together good at-bats, the quality of play in spring training is nowhere near that of what the regular season will bring.

Still, this doesn’t mean that a 10-game winning streak by the Mariners in Cactus League play should be overlooked (especially with the way things have gone for the franchise over the course of the past decade).

Unfortunately for those Mariners fans who were hoping to listen to Seattle’s 11th win in a row today, the Mariners could not hold a lead they established in the 5th, losing to the Milwaukee Brewers by a score of 7-6.

Not wanting to make a huge deal out of a 10-game winning streak in spring training being snapped, let’s talk about the important takeaways from the game and spring training so far.

Instant Game Analysis

The first thing that jumps right off the bat is that Blake Beavan could have had a better game.

Blake Beavan, Seattle Mariners

Blake Beavan has some improvements to make before being in regular season shape.

A player who has already made starts in the big league, Beavan threw three innings,  giving up six hits and three runs–all of them earned–while striking out three. While he did not surrender any walks, he gave up two home runs–one in the second, one in the third–that accounted for all of the runs scored against him.

Beavan’s ERA now sits at 5.31 for spring training, a number that the Mariners’ organization will hope to improve before the regular season begins.

As discouraging as Beavan’s performance was (you really don’t want to see an eventual starter give up two home runs in two innings), the Mariners continued their streak of having some of the hottest bats in spring.

Both Mike Morse and Kendrys Morales hit their second home runs of the year, while Franklin Guitierrez continued his way back into the starting lineup, going 1-for-3 on the day with a double.

Josh Kinney, who is looking to make the squad out of spring training, had a tough time finding the plate, not being able to hit the strike zone 13 of his 26 pitches.

What did the Streak Show?

Now that the 10-game winning streak is over, let’s talk about what it meant–if anything.

As mentioned previously, this streak comes in the early parts of spring training when both pitchers and hitters are trying to find their initial momentum and grooves. This would make it tempting to say that the Mariners are only doing well because they are facing competition that hasn’t fully developed yet.

However, it must also be noted that the Seattle players are also still trying to find their own grooves, creating equal competition.

Though it may still be early on in spring training, the consistency and power that some of the Mariner hitters are putting together is extremely impressive, especially considering that many of them will likely make the 40-man roster.


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