Mariners Trade Winds: Is Seattle courting Grady Sizemore?

Possible Roster Moves

The latest of many rumors surrounding the Seattle Mariners this month: they have their eye on Grady Sizemore, whom the Cleveland Indians might send packing this offseason.

The former All-Star outfielder has a $9-million club option for 2012 but Cleveland may not exercise it.


According to ESPN, Seattle would be on Sizemore’s list of suitors if he hits free agency.

The Sizemore situation should have M’s fans concerned if you ask me.

For one, he’s a risky signing for any team. Sizemore turns 30 next season and has undergone five surgeries in the last three years for various serious injuries.

Could the Mariners land Sizemore?

He’s labored through three straight write-off seasons and hasn’t been a meaningful contributor since 2008, when he had his one and only 30-30 season.

His list of accolades includes three All-Star selections, two Gold Gloves and a Silver Slugger award but he received all those honors in 2008 or earlier.

The bigger concern with Sizemore: he’s a Seattle boy, born and raised. That means that the Mariners might be tempted to sign him for sentimental reasons and tempted to overpay him.

Factoring in his “name” value on top of the Seattle connection, Sizemore could end up grossly overpaid as a Mariner.

The rumor is concerning because, if the M’s signed Sizemore, they would pay him enough that they’d have to play him and play him often.

That could cut into the playing time of the emerging Mike Carp, who played 27 games at left field last season and may do so even more next year if Justin Smoak can play a full campaign at first.

If Sizemore played center, it could block Trayvon Robinson’s development.

Here’s hoping that general manager Jack Zduriencik thinks the Sizemore situation through before jumping at the chance to sign a local boy.

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  • Fans are partial to Sizemore because of his connections with the northwest, but I don’t think that Jack Z has him on the radar, based on his trades in the past year. I think it would be more likely to see the mariners pursue a few more young prospects to add to their depth for the long haul instead of an instant solution

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