5 Reasons the Seattle Mariners won’t trade Felix Hernandez.

Not Going Anywhere!

A couple of days ago we read an article from fellow network site ““. They detailed the reasons why the Yankees will complete a deal with the Mariners for King Felix.


First of all, despite all the speculation to the contrary the Mariners are not considering, and will not consider trading Felix Hernandez.

Here is why:

1. The Mariners want him. For good

Many teams dream that about having a strong starting pitching.

The Mariners have it.

Trading away their ace is not going to make them more of a contender in the AL West, nor will it make them more attractive to high value free agents if the team is making a drastic move of one of their solid pieces.

The Mariners will continue to build around him, not without him.

2. Felix likes it in Seattle

Unlike many superstars, Hernadez doesn’t just play for Seattle, he lives in Seattle. He cheers for the home team, because it is his team. Felix was spotted by a Mariners scout at the age of 14.

The M’s have treated him very well and they believe in him, and he believes in the Mariners.

He doesn’t just want to win, he wants his team to win.

3. The Mariners are committed to his value

Felix knew he could enter the free agent market and likely get big money from a big club like the Yankees but he didn’t. Meanwhile, It is not as if the Mariners have tried to lowball Felix.

He is getting an 8.5 million dollar raise for the 2012 season which was part of his five year 78 million dollar extension.

That is akin to the money C.J. Wilson is getting.

Felix Hernandez

King Felix is getting an 8.5 million dollar raise for the 2012 season

That is a lot of walking around money for a kid from Venezuela.

4. A quiet market, leads to speculation

As fans begin to realize how much money it would take for the Mariners to remain competitive in the AL West, they look to the broken part of the system, which is by far, the offense.

The Mariners and the Yankees have been realitively quiet in the off season, which leads many to speculate about a trade between the two clubs.

Of course the Yankees have expressed an interest in the young right hander for many years, but would Seattle really want to make the Yankees better while at the same time make themselves worse?

It really doesn’t make a lot of sense.

The Mariners are not going to trade Felix, it is just hype to cover the lack of actual news being produced. I think the Yankees are still in bit of a shell shock from losing Steinbrenner. They need a starter, but lack the leadership really needed for the future.

The Mariners are quiet because they are playing the Market, instead of just panicking in reaction to the Angles.

5. There’s isn’t any prospect that could replace Felix

The Yankees have some pretty good pieces to offer in their farm system right now, but when it comes to Felix, a prospect, or three would not be adequate talent to replace the proven consistency offered by fleix.

There is a good reason that he is called the king. Talk about a Curtis Granderson, Robinson Cano, and Mark Texeria trade and there may be more of a stirring, but whoever it was would have to be pretty special, and major league proven.

I just don’t see what offer it would/could be to make it worth it to Seattle.

Long live the King in the Safeco Field throne.

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  • M.P.

    King Felix, Ichiro, Griffey Jr., and Edgar Martinez are just a few names that come to mind when talking about the M’s. These are all Hall of Fame players that play(ed) for the M’s out of loyalty.  Some of them did get large paychecks, but none of them wanted to be traded.  The M’s breed loyalty in their players, not greed.  That’s why I have always enjoyed watching the M’s even if they aren’t playing well; they are out there to play because they love the game.  As for the Prince Fielder rumors, he’d be a nice addition to the team.  Sure, his agent Boras wants to get him a paycheck as large as Pujols, but in the end it’s still Fielder’s decision.  He can opt for a smaller paycheck to play for Jack Z. because of loyalty and respect.  Why wouldn’t Fielder want to join a team who loves the game and has a great team atmosphere?

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