Mariners Musings | Three Potential Off-Season Trades

Trades Mean Bright Future?

There is no doubt the Mariners will be shoppers in the off season market.  There are some rather glaring holes that they need to be filled.

When it comes to what the Mariners have to offer in trade value is limited, but here are three players who may find themselves on the chopping block if General Manager Jack Z finds what he is looking for in another city:

Brandon League.

Coming in to temporarily cover David Aardsma, no one expected he would have over 30 saves on the season.  This has increased his trade value exponentially.  The Mariners could try to hold onto him, but they seem very capable of developing closing talent.  Jamie Wright or Chris Ray could be trained to fill the roll.

Brandon League A Potential Off-Season Trade?

Also with Aardsma scheduled to make his return things could get crowded in the pen.

Michael Pineda.

This kid has generated major interest in his rookie season.  The M’s definitely need consistent starters after trading away both Eric Bedard and Doug Fister during the season, but with the potential that Pineda has there could be some offers that could be too good to pass up.

The Mariners will need some veteran reliability alongside potential if they hope to be contenders in 2012

Franklin Gutierrez.

Injury prone Gutierrez doesn’t have the greatest trade potential on the team, but with Michael Saunders, Carlos Peguero, Casper Wells, and Travon Robinson showing themselves to be contenders both on the field an in their at-bats but before this latest injury put him out for the season his offense was starting to come together.

I imagine a team that is looking for a solid defensive back up would be interested Guti for a prospect or two.


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  • Guti for a couple prospects? I could get on board w/ that. In Jack I actually do trust.

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