My oh my! Top play of the week for the Seattle Mariners: (Video)

Figgy puts the squeeze on

On Friday night, the Seattle Mariners took it to the Oakland A’s, in more ways than one. They did pretty much everything right in this game. Pitching was excellent, base running was good, and the bats seemed to be alive for the first time in a regular season game in a very long time.

The video I picked was one of a play that you just don’t see that much of any more.

A suicide squeeze. Chone Figgins, or Ichiro Suzuki are probably the only two players who could pull this off on this team.

It was Figgins who did it, but not in the way you may think. Figgins was at the plate, and it was Michael Saunders who was doing the sprinting down the third base line trying to score.

If it weren’t for the perfect placement of Figgins’ bunt, this play couldv’e ended up badly, but I liked the aggressiveness of manager Eric Wedge.

With a 5-2 lead in the top of the 6th, Wedge went for the jugular on this call, and it worked!

Chone Figgins Seattle Mariners

Chone Figgins! Nice bunt. Way to finally earn that paycheck.

Perfect placement

With runners at the corners in the top of the 6th inning, and with a 1-0 count, Chone Figgins laid down a perfect bunt down the first base line right in between the first baseman, and pitcher.

He didn’t show bunt until the pitcher was in his windup, stalling the defense from attacking the ball like they would in a normal bunt situation.

Even though the first baseman got to the ball in good time, the speed of Figgins was too much for him to turn a play at first, and there was no way in hell he was going to get Saunders at the plate. Perfect bunt at the perfect time.

This is the managerial instincts that the Mariners have been lacking since the departure of “Sweet” Lou Pinella a decade ago.

RBI out of the 1 spot

Run production was a hindrance for the Mariners last season, and the season before that too. If this new lineup continues to produce runs like they did in these final two games in Oakland, we will be alright this year.

Any time you can get an RBI out of your leadoff guy, you are going to take it, and be happy about it. This is one of those plays that the Mariners will need to rely on this year.

Manufacturing runs outside of the traditional hit the ball, move the runners over way will be very important. Chone Figgins showed how potent this team can be on this play.

Like I’ve been saying for the last four months; speed wins baseball games.

And any time a guy like Figgins can turn a bunt into an RBI like this, you have something special brewing.

We won’t win the division this year, but maybe, just maybe, we can hover around .500 when September comes.

The Angles are getting old, and the Rangers’ luck will run out eventually. We need to keep making strides to be the team in the waiting when the two giants fall.

This season will be that stepping stone, if we can rely on our talents to win us some ball games!

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