My oh my! Top play of the week for the Seattle Mariners: (Video)

Cameron one hops it home

What a welcome home party the Seattle Mariners had this past weekend.  Fresh off the longest four game series in franchise history, the Seattle Mariners were finally back home at Safeco Field to play some ball against their AL West rival Oakland A’s.

King’s court was back in action, Jesus saves (or at least goes yard),  Hector goes 8 strong, and the man who had the biggest shoes to fill in the 35 year history of the M’s, Mike Cameron was welcomed back to Seattle.

Since the late 1980’s the Mariners franchise has been blessed with a few of the best defensive center fielders to ever play the game.  Mike Cameron came in after the departure of Ken Griffey Jr., and did not disappoint with his gold glove caliber defense.

Cameron played a huge part in our 116 win season in 2001, though we all remember the outcome of that Yankees series, we will also never forget the play of Mike Cameron.

And for that reason, I chose this video.  The M’s have always been great about welcoming back former players to do these types of events, and even have them come in as coach’s or ambassadors for the Mariners name.

The intro

On this video in particular, it starts out a few minutes before Mike Cameron makes his way on to the field. A highlight video was being displayed on the big screen, though it isn’t the best visibility, you still can see quite a bit of it.

Mike Cameron

An Opening Day looping beer league softball pitch?

There were many of Cameron’s fantastic grabs out in center, and even his remarkable 4 homer night at Comiskey, er, U.S. Cellular Field I guess it what they prefer to call it now, but over all, there were enough highlights there to make one get a little nostalgic.

Entering with a cloud of smoke

With a puff of smoke, and the drop of the “Welcome Back Mike” banner in left field, Mike Cameron, donning a Mariners jersey, makes his way out to the mound.

A little strut to his step at first, before breaking into a trot, Cameron was met with a stadium full of cheers for one of the Mariners all time favorites.

The pitch

Doing the catching for this special pitch was future hall of famer, and former teammate of Cameron’s, Ichiro Suzuki. Cameron toed the rubber, and went into his best major league windup impression.

Leg kick, arm back, ready for the pitch. Then instead of a blazing fastball like we were used to see when he was gunning down runners from center, we get a looping beer league softball pitch that doesn’t even reach the plate!

Cameron feeling the wrath of the crowd, comically throws his hands up, and walks toward home to meet Ichiro at the plate.

It’s all in good fun, these ceremonial first pitches, and Cameron was a good sport about his 58 ft fastball. It was good to see him back in an M’s uniform, even if it was only for one day.


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