Mariners recap: Series pitching vs. NY, Cleveland, LA, Texas

Changing directions

The Seattle Mariners were hot a few weeks ago, getting to with 2 games of .500 and landing in 2nd place in the AL West. In the last 4 series, though, that drastically changed as the team went on an 8 game losing streak. In fact, the only good thing about this club the last couple weeks is that they took 2 out of 3 from the Yankees.

You can see the struggle right before our eyes. The last couple weeks has seen some anomalies here in Seattle pitching-wise. The 2 most steady starters on the team seemed to be the most shaky while the bullpen registered most of the decisions over that time.

There was even a game with TWO blown Mariners saves in it.

With the Mariners scrambling to find answers and quick fixes, the AAA shuffle has begun. Prospects are being called up and pitchers are bouncing back and forth in an effort to find the most steady, fresh arms available.

Let’s see how they threw, shall we?


Hector Noesi

Hector Noesi jumped back into the starting rotation, filling in for an injured Aaron Harang

Felix Hernandez

These last 2 weeks were not good to Felix Hernandez. He started 3 games and came out with an 0-2 record from it. His 1 start where he threw well was marred by terrible run support and almost worse help from the bullpen. While there’s no reason to panic just yet…Felix needs to get it together.

Stats: 3 starts, 16.2 innings pitched, 24 hits, 12 runs, 11 earned runs, 5 walks, 25 strike outs, 2 home runs. 0-2 record

Hisashi Iwakuma

It basically went the same for Hisashi Iwakuma as it did for Felix. Between poor run support and a couple flawed outings, Kuma struggled the last couple weeks. And like Felix, there’s no reason for concern just yet, but let’s wait and see how he bounces back from these hard times. Kuma DID pick up a win, however, giving him a little more bragging room with Felix.

Stats: 3 starts, 21 innings pitched, 20 hits, 9 runs, 3 walks, 18 strike outs, 3 home runs. 1-0 record

Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders struggled like the rest of them in this one, too. Safeco Joe did not live up to his name, only registering a decision in 1 of his 2 outings. It’s really hit or miss with Saunders and he will definitely be one of the guys looked at when it’s time to start calling up our pitching prospects.

Stats: 2 starts, 10.1 innings pitched, 19 hits, 10 runs, 4 walks, 9 strike outs, 3 home runs. 0-1 record

Brandon Maurer

The Brandon Maurer experiment might be over for a little while from the sounds of it. After some rough outings, manager Eric Wedge has already mentioned a couple times that they will take a look at Maurer and reconsider his role.

Stats: 2 starts, 9 innings pitched, 16 hits, 10 runs, 6 walks, 8 strike outs, 1 home run. 0-1 record

Aaron Harang/Hector Noesi

I grouped up Aaron Harang and Hector Noesi because they both held down the 5 spot over this time. Noesi filled in when Harang was scratched from a start. Noesi actually pitched well and earned a demotion to Tacoma the next day. Harang, however, could be the odd man out if the skipper is forced to choose.

Harang’s Stats: 1 start, 3.2 innings pitched, 9 hits, 7 runs, 4 strike outs, 2 home runs. 0-1 record

Noesi’s stats: 1 start, 4.1 innings pitched, 3 hits, 1 run, 0 earned runs, 1 walk, 4 strike outs. 0-0 record

Yoervis Medina, Seattle Mariners

Medina has stepped up yet again, throwing strong in 6 appearances (AP /E. Thompson)


The bullpen was no better than the starters this week, taking the majority of the decisions and turning them into nightmares for Wedge. We saw Noesi go from bullpen to starter to AAA, Danny Farquhar coming in and a couple young guys stepped up.

Here is the best, the worst, and the most consistent over the last 2 weeks.

Carter Capps

Carter Capps was the most consistent bullpen member over this period. Whether it was 1 batter or 1 inning, Capps handled his own.

Stats: 7 appearances, 6.2 innings pitched, 3 hits, 1 run, 8 strike outs

Charlie Furbush

Taking a look at Charlie Furbush and his 6 outings was odd. He put up pretty decent numbers, but 2 things stand out. I’ll let you be the judge.

Stats: 6 appearances, 9 innings pitched, 4 hits, 5 runs (4 earned), 3 walks, 10 strike outs, 1 home run. 0-2 record, 2 blown saves

Yoervis Medina

Last but not least, I want to give some honorable mention to credit to Yoervis Medina. Someone who came out of nowhere has been nothing but steady since joining the club. And he stayed steady these past 2 weeks, too.

Stats: 6 appearances, 5 innings pitched, 4 hits, 3 runs, 6 walks, 6 strike outs. 1-0 record


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