MLB Offseason Report: Mariners Carlos Peguero

Improvements incoming

Carlos Peguero has the left handed power that Mariners so desperately need and his stellar season in AAA Tacoma made it look like that dream was about to come true.


And while he hit the stitches off the ball and back on the spool going deep six times for the M’s in his 43 at bats, he is remembered more for the wind his bat caused from the 54 strike outs.

Seattle ended it’s season and sent Peguero back to work in the Dominican Winter League.  During his time at home Carlos has been hot, leading the league in home runs and holding an average of .309 and an OPS of .983 and surprisingly even 3 stolen bases.

Of course he has still struck out more than hit (43 vs 35 as of December 1st) The regular season of the winter league ends on December 20, but promises to make the left field competition come spring training.

Peguero is showing improvements in winter ball. Will they be good enough to solidify Left Field?

The question is how can a guy do so well in every league except the one that really matters?

Carlos Peguero hit .317 for Tacoma, is dominating the winter league and yet holds a .196 career average in the big leagues.

Where is the disconnect?

The answer to that is scouts.

When left to a straight battle between pitcher and batter, Peguero can win.

When the pitching staff has a major league scouting report, Carlos is up a creek without a paddle.

Here is all they need to know throw breaking balls outside and 48% of the time the guy will swing at them.

It is simply a matter of plate discipline. I’m not sure he has figured that out yet and that could keep him in the minors for a 7th year.

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