My oh My! Top play of the week for the Seattle Mariners (video)

No-no-no-no-no-no hitter!

If anybody in their right mind thought I would be doing anything else this week besides the no-hitter, well then, you crazy fool!

In my life time, which encompasses all but one year of the Seattle Mariners franchise history, I have witnessed countless no-hitters tossed, a plethora of perfect games, and even a few no-no’s and pefect games ruined.

The two that come to mind off the top of my head are the Chris Davis bunt to ruin Curt Schillings perfect game for the Diamondbacks, and last years blown call by Jim Joyce to ruin the Tigers perfect game from Armando Galarraga with only one out to go in the 9th.

With those two plays rummaging through my head, I knew, just knew in the bottom of my gut that there was going to be a controversial call or play that would ruin this for my Mariners.

And by golly there was. Except it went our way!

Things like this just don’t happen to us.

The dirty half-dozen posing in front of the scoreboard after the no-hitter (photo

My thoughts

When Brandon League came in, I knew it was over. When the top of the 9th came rolling around, I knew we had a chance, until that slow roller to Brendan Ryan at short.

That right there is when I knew it was over. It was like slow motion, just waiting for the inevitable safe call by Ted Barrett to ruin this moment for us.

It had to happen right?

We just aren’t supposed to get calls go our way. It happened in Super Bowl XL. It happened against Jordon and the Bulls. And it’s happened more than once against the Yankees in the playoffs.

We are the team that isn’t supposed to have anything good happen to us. We are the state that lost our only championship winning team, and the state who likes to hire fraudulent college football coach’s, and the state where gloom just seems to be the norm.

But on Friday night, all that went out the window.

Not one, or even two or three, but six pitchers combined for the no-hitter. A feat that is even more sweet if you ask me.

Sure one pitcher who is hot can shut down an entire team, but six? No way.

All six of these guys needed to be on their A+++ game for this to happen, including the flub artist Brandon League.

Dave must’ve been smiling down on us from above Friday night. Hell, maybe he even had a little something on God himself that helped us in our moment of glory.

Whatever the case may be, relish this like it will never happen again M’s fans. Because the chances that it does are extrememly slim.

Here is a video of the final out recorded in the game.

And here is the link to the no-hitter video on

For more on the no-hitter, check out my recent article Six reasons Mariers no-no vs. Dodgers was sweet.


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