My oh My! Top play of the week for the Seattle Mariners

Deuces wild

Thursday afternoon as the Mariners took on the Padres for the fourth time in four days, the team blasted five homeruns.

It was a day of two’s for sure; the second win against the Padres in the home and home series, Brendan Ryan hit his second HR on the year, and rookie Nick Franklin hit his first and second homeruns of his young career.

The M’s went on to take the game 7-1, on top of a brilliant performance by Felix Hernandez, and some more run support in the form of a Kendrys Morales, and an Endy Chavez homerun too.

The Mariners are quietly becoming one of the better slugging teams in the AL, sitting second in long balls through Sunday.

Though this week had more disappointing moments than good ones, I still am seeing promising performances out of this team.

Veterans like Jason Bay, Raul Ibanez and the above mention Morales are carrying this team offensively while the youngsters are still finding their groove.

And of course I blame all of our shortcomings on the injuries that have befallen this team ever since we left Oakland the first week of the season, what kind of Mariners fan would I be if I didn’t?

But this piece is all about the celebration of Nick Franklin‘s first two homeruns.

I truly hope that there will one day be an infield featured in Seattle that includes both Franklin and Dustin Ackley. And after Ackley’s first week back down on the farm, that dream doesn’t sound like it will be too far off.

Little Nicky’s first


The first two are always the hardest. (Photo:

This was a week of firsts for Franklin, but I’m sure besides his first at-bat, none of them compared to his first big league dinger.

Every kid in America has dreamed of that exact moment: The feeling of the ball coming off the bat after that beautiful pop echoes in their ears, charging toward first not knowing if it will make it over the wall or not, and then taking that big exhale rounding first knowing that this feeling will never be replicated again in your life.

The smile couldn’t have been wiped off of his face with a Magic Eraser.

I’m sure that was the shot heard ’round Tacoma for sure, as Dustin Ackley‘s gut probably dropped an extra few inches knowing his stay might be a little longer than he had hoped.

The second one

Fast forward to the 8th inning. The M’s are up 6-1 at this point and Nick Franklin is about to unleash on another Reagan-Era pitch.

This time he gets a 1-1 hanger coming in at a cool 85 MPH. Franklin gets a quick swing on it and hits it high down the right field line.

The extremely short porch at Petco comes in handy for this exact thing, even though he had a no-doubter off the bat.

The smile wasn’t as prominent for the rook as he rounded the bases this time taking the trot like a seasoned vet.

This must have been a very cool experience for his parents, who were accompanying the team on the road trip to witness this exact type of moment.

The video on the link has all five homeruns the M’s hit on the day even though we all know that the other three won’t compare to the two that Franklin hit.

Here is a link to the video at



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