Latest Mariners Call ups

Mariners Update: Call Ups Making Noise

The Mariners have been making changes to the team all season long so it is no surprise that they are taking full advantage of the expanded rosters this September.

The latest call ups include Alex Liddi who has made some ripples in MLB news network as being the first Italian born player in the Majors.

It is exciting to see the Mariners get some positive press for a change.

It helps the fans to maintain sanity in another sub .500 season. 

It also doesn’t hurt that Liddi has  an impressive bat.  Even in spring training Alex looked as if he was ready for the season, but as a third base man he had to wait in line behind veteran Chone Figgins and hot prospect Kyle Seager.

Latest Round Of September Call-Ups In Seattle

While he was waiting he hit .259 which seems a little low to get excited about, but he did have 104 RBI’s in Tacoma.

In Seattle Miguel Olivo is the current RBI leader for the club with 55.  Obviously the Mariners are in desperate need for clutch hitters.  These are numbers the front office cannot ignore if they want to be contenders in the future.

Liddi is going to make decisions for the 2012 25 man roster very interesting.

Steve Delabar has an amazing story of working through career ending injuries after only playing in single A for one season.

However as he was coaching kids at a high school he was testing a new strength and conditioning program that brought his own arm back to a level that scouts were interested in again. He is relatively unproven and I wouldn’t expect him to be on the opening day roster but he should be a fun prospect to watch.

After two feel good stories we come to Michael Saunders who has made the club several times with tremendous defense but lackluster performance at the plate. Now that he has played an extended time with Tacoma his bat has seemingly come alive.

He has more competition to earn a spot in Seattle, which might be exactly what he needs to keep a consistent performance at the plate.  You work harder when your job is on the line.


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