My oh My! Macklemore tells it like it is

A tribute to the best

Besides the computer technology, the coffee and the planes, what are the two main things you think of when you think of Seattle?

Sports and music of course. And traffic too, but I’ll leave that for someone else to cover.

Seattle has a long, proud history of music. From the eclectic Spoon Man on the street corner, to the illustrious Jimi Hendrix. From the Seattle Scene punk bands, to the hip hop styling’s of Sir-Mix-A-Lot. From “Louie Louie,” to “Even Flow,” it all has been covered here in Seattle.

But rarely has their been a figure as big in the national spotlight as Macklemore who brings a good image of the Seattle sports scene to the top.

Yes, the Mariners have been displayed in a few rap videos, mainly making an appearance on the head of some wannabe gang banger, but Macklemore does it with class.

Pull up his famous “Thrift Shop” video on YouTube and you will see a U-DUB shirt, not to mention a Kurt Cobain one as well. In various interviews he has been seen wearing a Mariners jersey, or a Seahawks ball cap, and yes, he too is on the bandwagon to bring back our beloved SuperSonics.

This guy literally brings our teams everywhere he goes, which seems to be all the way to the top.

Macklemore at Safeco Field

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performing at Safeco (Photo: Google)

But that’s not all

What this post really is all about though, is bringing to the forefront just how special that bond between a favorite sports team and a person really can be.

There still is not a time when I have watched a replay Junior coming ’round to score back in ’95 and not shed a tear. That was, and probably always will be, my favorite moment of all time in Seattle sports history.

There, too, will never come a time when I will ever be able to witness another Mariners game with the voice of my childhood calling the plays. And thanks to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, the memory of both Dave Neihaus, and my all time favorite play, will forever be enshrined into my memory banks.

The video below really proves the impact that professional sports teams have with the citizens of their communities.

Dave brought us many years of joy, reworking the mostly mediocre action on the field into words that had meaning. They grew memories out of players that probably should not have even been a side note.

That is what will forever be immortalized in Macklamore and Ryan Lewis’ song “My oh My.” The voice of Dave will never be forgotten, and will always be a part of Mariners baseball, and the city of Seattle.

His catchphrases will be passed down from generation to generation as folk lore.

RIP Dave, you are truly missed.

Video courtesy of YouTube


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