Danny’s Saturday Mariners Musings

The Mariners need to slow things down

I cant deny that we live in a very fast paced culture.

I was thinking about this morning while I was sitting on the can answering texts. This is nessecary of course because if I do not reply immediately to the people that have sent me a message our friendship may go into turmoil. I know that there was a time in my life when I did not have this activity in my life, but I can’t remember what I did to pass the time.

Of course, I think I didn’t spend as much time in the bathroom when I didn’t have my phone to distract me.

Of course with the way the Mariners played today, maybe you were happy to be stuck in the bathroom, consumed by the fumes of bodily refuse, answering your text messages as opposed having to deal with the sticking pile of dog crap that the Mariners seemed to be playing with today.

I loved the Rick Rizz and Ron Fairly state that the Mariners must have given their bats the night off.

The game lasted for two hours and twenty-three minutes yet seemed to last forever. Then with the extra time I had on my sunny Saturday afternoon, I listened to Eric Bedard trounce the Texas Rangers with a final score of 12 to 7.

Mariners Musings For Saturday

You will remember Eric as being a one time highly esteemed pitcher before he played for the Mariners. I’m trying to remember what he did during his time here… I’m sure it will come to me… There must have been SOMETHING in 2010. Right? Anyway.

The game was exciting and lasted for three hours and forty-four minutes, yet seemed to be over faster than a Carlos Pegerro at-bat.

As it turns out the Mariners have the shortest games on average in the MLB, hovering around the two and a half hour mark. By comparison the Red Sox average game lasts almost an hour more. This may mean nothing, but the imagine if our players had an extra seven hours of play time a week?

Perhaps this is an indicator of why so many former Mariners start to excel when they move on to other clubs. They simply get to play more. They slow down the approach at the plate. This gives them time to assess the situation in which they find themselves and start making decisions on their own instead relying on the Manager to do the thinking for them.

I know this is I think they should be told just to keep the clock running. Maybe Wedgie should hold a competition to see whose at bats can take the most time and reward them accordingly.

Good things come to those who wait, right? I’ve been waiting in the john this whole time waiting to get a text back from my mom – I hope we’re still on speaking terms.

My legs are asleep.

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